September 11 is a date that almost every American remembers, some more than others. Jeffrey Cicora was a 9/11 hero. He served the New York State Police as a sergeant and a station commander for many years. When he recently passed away, he received an incredible tribute from the entire county.

The retired sergeant died in Clayton, New York. His funeral was to be held in Syracuse. Along the way, the entire procession involved an escort down Route 81. Along the way, there were a number of people lining the overpass as a way to pay tribute to Cicora. This included sheriff’s deputies, police officers, fire department trucks, and rescue squad volunteers.

The city and town of Watertown fire departments even flew the flag on the Arsenal Street Bridge.

Although September 11 happened nearly 19 years ago, there are so many people who are still remembered. What happened is still so many people being affected. Cicora paid the ultimate sacrifice. Although he didn’t die in the bombings, he died as a result of cancer that was related to the terrorist attacks on 9/11.

The city fire department battalion chief of Watertown, Tucker Wiley, said that the least that his department can do is stand outside and show him some respect, especially since Cicora paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Cicora was one of the many people who were sent to deal with the September 11 terrorist attacks. He served his country well and did all that he could do. He was assigned to the World Trade Center site following the attacks. After serving with the state police for 24 years, he made the decision to retire in May 2017. This was due to cancer that he got as a result of being where he was.

Unfortunately, Cicora wasn’t the only one to have a 9/11-related cancer incident. Thousands of first responders have become ill as a result of being exposed to toxic chemicals found at the World Trade Center site. Those dying from 9/11-related cancers will considerably exceed the 2600 who died in the actual attacks. The government has chosen to establish a fund in order to help cover the health care costs – and a recent bill was signed in order to continue providing the funds for the foreseeable future.

What’s known as the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund is used as a way to compensate victims of the attack as well as the survivors who are dealing with a number of different medical conditions as a result of being surrounded by the rubble. Republicans and Democrats alike thought to expand the compensation fund through 2090, which will fund the trust with approximately $10.2 billion over that time frame. It ensures that healthcare costs are given to rescue workers and volunteers so that they can continue to live long and healthy lives without having to give the ultimate sacrifice to their country.

It’s important that those who died as a result of September 11-related incidents are given a heroic tribute, as this community has done for Cicora. Unfortunately, not all police officers get the same treatment as a military war hero. However, those who participated in September 11 fought a war as well – and it’s important to remember that they gave the ultimate sacrifice as well. Cicora gave his life in order to help others. Although he was able to live longer than many others, he should have never gotten cancer as a result of choosing to help those involved in the tragedy.

Cicora leaves a wife and a son behind. His death was mourned by an entire community who knew all about what the retired sergeant did for his country. The town of Watertown clearly understood what it means to provide the ultimate sacrifice, and they all took the time out of their day in order to celebrate the 9/11 hero’s life for a few moments. Seeing all of the vehicles pulled off to the side of the road, some who got out of their vehicles and saluted showed how important the man was to the community and to the country.

By taking the time to pay tribute to a hero, it also helps the family to move on. They’re going to mourn the loss of their husband and their father. However, they’re also going to know that his death was not in vain. He was a celebrated hero, and that is something that the community was able to give them simply for taking a few extra moments out of their day.