Ocasio-Cortez is still living in her dream world fantasy. For whatever reason, she believes that people love her and are looking for her to start in on her next round of political changes. There are many problems with what she is thinking.

No one wants her around anymore, and she hasn’t finished anything that has tangible value. She has not produced one bill that has been passed or voted in favor of the important issues that the nation is facing. All she has done is made fun of others and voted against her political party.

Ocasio-Cortez is a political freshman and that is all she will be. She believes that her Green New Deal is better than ice cream and that the idea of Medicare for all should be standard moving forward. But she still has never explained how it will be all paid for.

The reason why she has not explained how to pay for it all is that she knows that no one in their right mind would ever allow her or anyone else to take over 80 percent of their money in taxes to cover her wild dreams.

With nothing to show for her efforts in Congress, she is hoping to move on and tackle the nation’s poor. Her plan calls “would cap annual rent increases, ensure full access to social welfare programs for people with convictions and unauthorized immigrants, pressure federal contractors to offer better wages and benefits, and update official poverty measurements by taking into account geographic cost-of-living variations and access to health insurance childcare, and ‘new necessities’ such as internet access.”

These things are already available to people that need these services. Ocasio-Cortez is picking things out of the air that already exists. All she wants to do is expand them, everyone, she can in hopes of laying the foundation of her socialist agenda. She wants to keep people on welfare because there is a measure of control that she would have over them. She wants to make money from people that work hard for it and give it away to the poor. The poor being defined as she sees it. This is nothing more than another colored version of her socialist agenda.

Ocasio-Cortez is screwed up in the head if she believes that there needs to be an equal playing field in America. She believes that every child that plays a baseball game should get a trophy for winning even if their team lost. She has stated that “I think this starts to approach, head-on, economic injustice in America.

We are at our richest point that we’ve ever been, but we also been our most unequal.” Not every situation is going to be equal in the world. What she did admit is that America is doing well economically.

Because of the actions of President Trump. He has put the nation on the right track to economic prosperity. And now Ocasio-Cortez believes it is her responsibility to take it all away and give it to the poor.

She believes that people need to talk about making things equal. What everyone needs to talk about is getting rid of her. She talks about things being unequal, but she goes around promoting racism and hatred for the Caucasian person working hard to provide a living for their family.

Somehow she believes that this is not fair for the lazy person sitting on their couch loving welfare because they don’t have to work. That is the world she wants for America. She wants everyone on welfare and having to rely on the government for their very existence. This belief is not American but rather slavery at the hands of the Infamous AOC.

Ocasio-Cortez lives in the social media world where she alone is a god. She believes that she calls all the shots and that she has all the power. That dilution spills over into the real world where people hate her and want her removed from office.

It is here in the real world that she gets angry and threatens to kill little girls having fun and producing hilarious videos. It is in the real world that she has no friends except the failing three other members of Congress that the world hates with a passion.

Ocasio-Cortez is the death of the United States.