American Kids Rejected by Favorite Teachers as Illegals Take Their Seats

The country has been through a terrible year and is looking forward to living everyday life. The problem with that desire is that it is being trampled on by Democratic entities focused on keeping people pressed down by the weight of their thumb. And there is no place more obvious where this is happening than in the school systems around the country.

Liberal school boards are just loving the fearful mandates coming out of Washington. These mandates give them the power to control the futures of the country’s smallest of people irately. Teachers in blue states are refusing to return to the classrooms unless all of their demands have been met.

They stand united behind the corrupt teacher unions that are blowing off the kids for their greed. Their excuse for the COVID-19 is losing its power as the unions continue to change their list of requirements before they will return to the classroom.

The best of the worst are the unions in places such as San Francisco and San Diego. In the southern city, teachers are allowed to conduct classes virtually. But they are forbidden to enter into a classroom with any number of students because their governor, Gavin Newsom, has lied about the virus from the start.

And yet, something is not adding up to their reasoning behind not returning to the classroom as many of those teachers are being sent to the southern border to enter into rooms with infected kids for the sole purpose of teaching them things that American kids should have already learned in person.

The liberals have converted the San Diego Convention Center into a child’s prison. It has been designated as a place where 1,450 teenage girls will be housed and schooled until such a time as they can be placed illegally in homes around the country. This idea is one of Biden’s worst ones, yet American kids are shafted, and illegals are prioritized.

Biden wants to educate all the kids of the world before he ever addresses his own country’s needs. These girls are being taken from other centers around the country and flown or bussed to their new prison. They will be housed and educated until Biden dictates that they can leave.

Biden is transforming America into an inhumane prison by taking these kids and putting them into environments that are not conducive to learning. The delusional president’s idea of catch and release has flopped, and he will not admit his failure.

Biden should be sending these kids back to their families. Many of them were taken and smuggled into the country illegally. Instead, he will become the grandpa and feed them three meals a day, provide them with cell phones, and give them all the legal representation their little hearts can handle. Hitler has found his youth base to indoctrinate for the liberal future.

Biden and his teacher unions have been saying all along that it is too dangerous for kids and teachers to be put together in the classroom again. And yet, here he is putting illegal kids back in classrooms before allowing American kids to return.

The CDC tells him that the kids can return, and Biden does the exact opposite. He is weak and lets the unions walk all over him. Biden can simply use his executive pen and order the teachers back, but he refuses because it will harm his influence and favor over rich and powerful unions.

These mock classrooms are ground zero for new COVID infections as these untreated kids are being herded into animal pens with teachers. Biden’s logic does not add up as he contradicts himself with his actions.

The teachers cry about having to go back to work and are using the virus as an excuse to live a lazy life. They are intentionally harming the kids that they are supposed to care about and love as their own. But their words are being lived out as lies as the teacher buck the system and refuse to teach their legal students. They just do not care as much as they told their kids that they did.