Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has finally been told enough is enough by the people that she is representing from her district in New York. For two years now she has been the voice of confusion and opposition that has divided a party and made a mess of politics.

And now her very own actions are going to be her downfall. When a person is voted to the House of Representatives they are to represent people within a certain district in America. And to know that they want Ocasio-Cortez should be with her district and getting to know them. But this is something that she has not done since taking her seat.

Ever since she got to Washington it has been all about her self-made agenda. She has pushed an agenda that is so far removed from the people she represents that it makes one want to vomit it all away. Badrun Khan is another Democrat from the very district that Ocasio-Cortez represents, and she has had enough.

Khan has stated that “Since she’s been elected she’s never in our district. She’s too busy doing Washington and Hollywood.” Ocasio-Cortez lost herself when the first camera was pointed out to her. She went from having a connection with the people to being a person that loves the red carpet. She is a self-made queen of a land that is not hers.

Ocasio-Cortez responded to the new threat that she now faces by saying “I just focus on delivering for my district and doing the best job. I try not to focus too much on other folks in the field.”

Her statement is full of lies and sad truths. Indeed, she is not serving the people of her district because she does not focus on the people in the “field.” She has lost touch with the people. She is indeed doing her best at destroying herself. She is self-centered and wants to push her agenda on the rest of a nation.

It is not true that she is delivering success for her district because she has accomplished nothing in Congress since sitting down. All she has done is make a spectacle of herself and embarrassed the people she represents. Khan may be no better but at least she wants to take down the crazy Ocasio-Cortez.

Khan like the rest of the dumb Democrats promises “REAL Results… Not Empty Promises.” But to deliver on the promise would mean that Khan is not a Democrat because Democrats do not deliver on promises. They make a promise to get elected and then forget about the rest of the people that voted them into office. Just like what Ocasio-Cortez has done with New York.

Khan is taking on Ocasio-Cortez in what will prove to be a boring race. No one cares about the Democrats at this point because they have all failed America. One such instance where Ocasio-Cortez failed her people are when she fought against Amazon and their desire to build a massive complex in New York.

They would have brought 25,000 jobs and millions of dollars to the community. It was a $3 billion deal. It would have raised New York to a new level but Ocasio-Cortez failed her people and stood in the way.

Her competition mentions that she “celebrated losing 25,000 new jobs.” Jobs that would have made her district a better place to live and would have certainly elevated the standard of living quite high. But when there is a little socialist out to destroy the world that is exactly what the world will get. No jobs and a destroyed world.

Amazon decided to move its center to a more friendly place. Taking all the money and the jobs with them. Ocasio-Cortez should be praised as a job killer and not a job creator. Her political agenda is one of death and destruction for the greatest nation that the world has ever seen.

The United States is a place of freedom and a place of refreshment for people that have lost so much at the hands of oppressive people. Khan and Ocasio-Cortez represent a political party that believes in oppression and destruction. Neither of them deserves to represent the great people of New York City.