There really is no end to the left’s hypocrisy and their shining star, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is making an excellent display of it, as usual.

The Democratic New Yorker has been recognized as the primary designer of the infamous Green New Deal that several 2020 presidential candidates now support.

And as such climate change has become one her most talked about issues of late. It seems that nearly every social media post, public speech, comment, or business trip is made in some effort to push the deal forward.

So it comes as no surprise that she recently made a trip to Colorado where she spoke at a local high school about it the ongoing crisis of climate change as she sees it.

She also attended the Boulder Colorado Democratic Party’s annual Truman Dinner later the same day. There, she also spoke on the subject of the environment and what must be done about it.

Contrary to some of her previous social media posts where she appeared frantic and nearly terrified of possible killer bacteria escaping from melting glaciers, she said on Saturday evening that there is “nothing to fear except inaction.”

She went on to say that “the only thing we should be scared of is our future if we do nothing. We have to be bold and audacious and ambitious as possible.”

However, she forgot to mention that on the way to her destination, left more than 234 kilograms of carbon dioxide in the air behind her. That’s right. She flew to Colorado from Washington a near 1,670 miles spent in one of the most air polluting machines known to man.

Correct me if I’m wrong here but doesn’t that seem to be a little hypocritical? I mean, this is the same woman that said we had to stop all air travel immediately if the world was going to last another 12 years.

And here she is ignoring her own advice and contributing to all the problems she prattles on about.

Let’s just put this in perspective for a moment.

It has long been known that greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon dioxide have contributed to much of our global warming problems.

Furthermore, the transportation industry is one of the major contributors to this pollution, emitting about 1.9 billion tons of carbon dioxide every year in the US, according to a study conducted at Yale Environment 360. This includes the use of boats, trains, vehicles, and most definitely aircraft.

According to an analysis done by the Guardian in July, even short flights like those from London to Rome put tons of harmful emissions into the air. Furthermore, Atmosfair, a German nonprofit figured that such a trip would put out nearly 234 kilograms of carbon dioxide per passenger. This is more than what 17 low-income countries combined produce in one whole year.

Rome is about 1,100 miles from London. Comparatively, Washington DC, where miss not-so-environmentally-cautious AOC was coming from, is about 1,670 miles from Denver, Colorado. Her one-way flight was more than 500 miles farther. And you know that she flew back home as well.

That’s 3,340 miles spent in the air and just under 700 kilograms of carbon dioxide. And that isn’t counting how many other passengers were on each flight.

Yep, I’d say she is doing an excellent job of saving the environment, one long plane flight at a time. It leads us to believe that maybe we aren’t the only ones who don’t agree with her plan. It is likely she doesn’t either, at least in reality.

She enjoys the press it gets her, the attention from constituents, and the approval of leading party members. But when it comes right down to it, she doesn’t believe the world will end in years any more than she believes Trump is racist.

It’s all just a ploy for the Democratic agenda. To push for changes in the economy that will ruin the capitalism that has made our country great and to take away the freedoms we have fought so hard to preserve.

Good job, AOC, you just proved to us all what we already perceived to be true. You are a fraud who only cares about yourself.