A recent attack by the Mexican cartel was violent and apparently frightening enough to scare a new Police Chief into resigning. It is also a stark reminder of what President Trump is trying to protect us from and why. The details are alarming and although it may be easy to criticize the new and recently resigned Police Chief, José Carlos Ramos, take a moment to hear some of the facts first.

According to the story, Ramos had only been appointed to the office of Police Director of Celaya, Guanajuato for approximately two weeks before coming under fire. And we don’t mean that like it’s used in the U.S., because this wasn’t criticism these were bullets. This was truly coming under fire, in fact, the report said that the Chief’s vehicle “… sustained more than 100 bullet strikes.”

It is also worth noting, as the story pointed out, that Ramos’ vehicle was an armored vehicle that was part of a two-vehicle convoy. That alone leads to more than a couple of questions, like what was in those vehicles? Why did the Police Director feel the need to use an armored vehicle, and who would attack an armored convoy?

If we consider these facts and some of the evidence gathered from the attack, we might get a better understanding of the situation. Then we might see why this Police Chief felt the need to use armored vehicles and what kind of people would be brazen enough to assault the Police.

Based on the reports, the story said that investigators “…recovered over 480 spent .223 caliber shell casing and ten spent .50 caliber shell casings. Officials from the state attorney general’s office also reported that the cartel hitmen were also armed with a grenade launcher and grenades. Both chief’s bodyguards were wounded during the attack — one severely.”

One week later, José Carlos Ramos stepped down from his post. This attack also appears to be in conjunction with death threats that Director Ramos had received. Perhaps his resignation seems a little less cowardice now? This is a part of Mexico and a world that most of us here at home aren’t familiar with, and President Trump would like to keep it that way.

Unfortunately, for many of the people who call Mexico home, the terror and violence brought forth by organizations like these drug cartels isn’t all that uncommon. These are also criminal organizations that are only separated by a line on the map. This is a near war-torn culture that is one border away. If that isn’t a threat, then we may need to redefine how we define what a threat is, because after the damage is done, it is too late.

These are crime organizations with the firepower of small armies, and with the heart of a killer. If an armored vehicle, along with the authority of being a Police Chief won’t deter these types of criminals, do we really think an invisible recognized border on a map will keep them at bay? A “wall” on the other hand, creates an entirely different obstacle, and it creates a barrier between us and them.

We don’t have to worry about good law-abiding citizens from Mexico wanting to come to America. What we need to be worried about are the thugs, the murderers, the drug dealers, and very real dangers like Mexican cartels. Do we actually believe that they would have any desire to enter the country legally anyway?

Director Ramos didn’t even last a month, and can you blame him? This was also another good reminder of why the President wants to build a wall, and can we blame him? The truth is that it might be nearsighted to think that we shouldn’t and that we don’t need a wall. We have already heard and seen what happens when criminals from Mexico have come into the United States illegally, and the hurt and trouble it has caused.

Some very frightening things happen in that country south of the border. The wall is not about preventing good people from coming in, it is simply about keeping bad people, and much worse out. What happened to Director Ramos is sad and it is also just one more example of why President Trump wants to build the wall.