The iconic picture of Amy Coney Barrett holding up her notepad by request an ally has proven that the Democrats are no match for the elite. Barrett is one of many that the Democrats cannot control.

Her empty notepad symbolizes what being steadfast and determined can do for a person being attacked by hateful Democrats trying to destroy another person for being honest and upright in their lives.

The way shows the intelligence that she has that she answers the liberals. The Democrats are asking incriminating questions as they look for any response that they can use against her.

They want to prove that she is a plant by President Trump to control the courts. Bet so far, their speculations have been proven untrue.

The Republican nation Committee has said it right that she has offered the Democrats a “master class on the Constitution.” She is not about making up her own political agenda. Her desire is to uphold the one founding document that drives Democrats crazy.

And that is the Constitution. It is the one thing that she has devoted her life to interpreting truthfully.

Her answers have been direct and to the point. Her wise thinking leaves nothing on the Democrats’ table to pick up and throw back at her. Liberals take leftovers and twist them to meet up with their own evil desires.

Senator Ted Cruz brushed aside his views and focused in on Barrett’s background. He wanted to know personal things relating to languages she spoke and instruments that she might play. He knows that these are things that really give insight into a person’s life. Barrett answered even these questions honestly and directly.

Democrats are playing dirty as they question her. Democrat Richard Blumenthal tried to pinch her off with her views on Roe v. Wade. He attacked her personal beliefs on abortion and life. He wanted an answer that would confirm her own beliefs.

But all he got was “What I said was that Roe held that the Constitution protects a woman’s right to terminate a pregnancy, that (the 1992) Casey reaffirmed that holding and indeed many cases after Casey have affirmed that holding again … So I think we might be talking past each other because the statements that I signed were statements of my personal beliefs.”

The darker side of his questions was to get her to rule on what she feels is right, which would go against her statements of her belief in ruling constitutionally. She avoided his trap with ease. Barrett is a person that sets aside her own personal beliefs when it comes to judging cases.

Democrats have tried to attack her on the Affordable Care Act and her beliefs on marriage. They intended to get her to show some political alignment. Of course, the ignorant Democrats failed as her statement of “I have no hostility to the ACA or any other law.” Would silence her enemies.

Barrett refuses to give the liberals any taste of how she will rule once she is confirmed to the court. They will have to wait and see how she is going to handle herself.

There is no doubt that Barrett’s intelligence is far above the Democrats. She can outthink them and every turn. Her elite status ranks up there with the president as he, too, has not been able to be bullied by the liberals.

There will be a conservative majority on the Supreme Court Bench. This scares the Democrats as they will not have a chance for another generation to place a liberal to balance things out. They have already threatened to pack the court if they win in November.

This is a toddler’s way of getting what they want at the expense of doing things legally. Barrett has educated the Democrats on what it means to be a real American. It is not about selfish gain, but doing things that make a difference to keep making America great.

President Trump has done an amazing job of fixing the broken parts of the country. Another four years will just continue to add to that greatness.