Apparently those in California now feel as though they can ridicule the rest of the country. Although the state has more problems than anyone else, they can feel comfortable about picking on rural America.

A UC Berkeley graduate student who is also an instructor decided to take to Twitter to express how repulsed he is by rural Americans and how they “deserve” to live their uncomfortable lives. Jackson Kernion has taught close to a dozen philosophy courses at Berkeley.

Although he’s since deleted his tweet, probably because of the significant backlash that he received, he didn’t go easy on the group. He “unironically embraces” the bashing of rural Americans.

He said that they are bad people who have made bad life decisions. That’s quite a statement, considering he hasn’t met all of rural America. He assumes that “some” are good people. However, he feels that the “imagined pastoral way of life” is not only stupid but worthy of being shamed because they are people who aren’t “pro-city.”

The California graduate has clearly lived in a life of privilege. Not everyone can live in the city simply because it would lead to more overcrowding them there already is. Further, without people living in rural America, there would be no farms.

That means that he wouldn’t be able to have his mashed avocado on toast every morning and eat from the silver spoon that he is so clearly accustomed to eating from on a daily basis.

The Twitter thread began when Kernion decided to speak his mind and advocate against affordable healthcare solutions for rural Americans. He feels that health care in rural America should be expensive because they chose that lifestyle. He feels that the rest of America should make it uncomfortable to live in rural America and that includes rural broadband and gas taxes.

If it were up to Kernion, everyone would be living in the city, living a more efficient lifestyle. Therefore, farmers, ranchers, and others “deserve” higher expenses because they are “bad people who have made bad decisions.” The problem is that someone has to do it – and realistically, they should be rewarded as opposed to being bashed.

Kernion received a fast and furious backlash regarding his comments. He had to come forward to apologize, stating that the tweets came as “crass or and meaner” than he believed that they were. However, he was quick to make judgments and make economic arguments for his beliefs, attacking rural America in the process.

He tweeted to say that he did a “bad tweet” and that he was going to delete it. He said he will reflect on it and apologized for his tone because it was misunderstood.

However, he didn’t exactly apologize for calling all of the people in rural America bad people. He also didn’t backtrack and say that they shouldn’t be exposed to more expensive healthcare. He clearly has these thoughts, and only backtrack when he realized that he was being judged just as harshly as he was judging rural America.

It isn’t clear as to how old Kernion is, but he has learned a few valuable lessons about what he can and cannot say on social media. While there is such thing as free speech in America, it still has its price – if people don’t like what you are saying, they are going to say so.

Condemning all of rural America for not living in the city is absolutely ridiculous. Where does he expect these people to move? Would he prefer them all to move to Oakland? San Francisco? Los Angeles? The cities are already overcapacity.

Everything is already overpriced because of the massive population. Further, if everyone moves to the large cities, there will be fast landmasses with no one living there, which simply isn’t realistic for the size of the United States.

For a philosophy major, Kernion didn’t think things through when he tweeted. It doesn’t seem as though he has sought his entire viewpoint through, either. Simply because people choose to live in rural America doesn’t make them bad people. It doesn’t mean that they deserve to pay higher health care, taxes, or anything else.

Without those living in rural America, the United States would suffer considerably because of not having the necessary exports that the country depends on. The economy would collapse without the contributions of rural America, and as a philosophy major from one of the top universities in the country, he should be well aware of this.

While Kernion takes some time to reflect on his bad tweet, he may need to take a drive out to rural America to see who he is condemning in the process.