Bernie Sanders has already proven that he will say almost anything to win votes and the latest slice of bread he buttered was served to the Latino communities and illegal immigrants.

The huggable looking granddad next door was back at it again, this time feeding more whatever-you-want-to-hear rhetoric to the Latino community. The word rhetoric here is honestly too kind but it will suffice.

That is because grandpa Sanders continues to sit every one of his children on his lap and tell them exactly what they want to hear. The bigger the need, the bigger the promise.

No matter what the problem is and regardless of how big, grandpa will fix it. Even if you have and are currently breaking the law, just tell him and he will make the bad people go away.

Does that sound a just a little more than ridiculous? It should, just like Senator Sanders latest vow to the Latino community. One story covering this declaration by Sanders started this way: “Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) on Saturday told progressive Latino group Mijente that if elected president, he would have a complete moratorium on the deportation of illegal aliens.”

Go ahead and take a moment to breathe that in, or laugh or pick yourself up off the floor and sit your chair back upright. At least his promise to make our medical bills and medical debts disappear had some (not much but some) merit.

This oath to put a stop on deporting illegals, sorry, a “complete moratorium” on deporting illegal aliens is just too much.

Bernie isn’t just throwing out bones either, he is throwing out Kibbles N Bits as he reinforced his campaign pledge later via Twitter. “We must treat undocumented people with dignity. When we are in the White House, we will end the ICE raids which are terrorizing communities all across this country and impose a moratorium on deportations.”

Oh my, now we are in the business of “terrorizing” citizens all across the country. I know you must be on constant alert, even as you read this, that some heavily armed ICE team may break down your door any minute. No? Then you are probably worried about your neighbors being terrorized by armed government officials. Really, no? But the Senator said…

It really does force us to ask, is anyone buying this? He preyed on the debt drowning folks promising them a lifeline but did any of them honestly believe him? To the aspiring but perhaps financially stressed youth he dangled the carrots of free college and post-secondary education. No means or plan to pay for it, just put the hope out there and do we think anyone is biting at that promise?

Now, he is taking aim at those who support immigration and people like those in the Latino communities. Mr. Sanders, these aren’t ignorant or stupid people, these are educated and smart people of Latino descent. But that’s okay because Sanders will say and promise nearly anything to win his coveted goal, the Presidency.

As much as we don’t want to keep writing about another and more of Bernie Sanders lip service campaign promises, he just continues to up the ante. This one, however, may be hard to top. In fact, all of those in favor of open borders policies may even be scratching their heads on this one.

At some point, when confronted about this latest campaign promise, Bernie will recant or rephrase or “clarify” his statement to make it work. That is why he has advisors, writers and people on his staff to help him.

This one may take some work though as it appears it even caught his own team off guard. Our story later said that “a senior policy advisor on the campaign confirms… this is new.”

Sure, we will just go with that, “new.” What it truly is, however, is just more of the same from grandpa Sanders. More hot air, more bogus promises, and misleading campaign promises. It is simply Bernie Sanders saying whatever he thinks voters want to hear and whatever he believes will win their votes.

Unfortunately for him and fortunately for most of us, this wasn’t what anyone wanted to hear.