If Sen Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont were ever to write an honest autobiography, he might entitle it “Other Peoples’ Money.” His two campaigns for the presidency, especially the current one, has featured breathtakingly expense policy proposals.

His version of the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, forgiving college debts, and forgiving healthcare debts would cost, by most accounts, many trillions of dollars. Bernie has suggested that he would pay for all of his proposals by despoiling the rich.

However, he recently suggested that he is contemplating another tax that seems less about raising money and more about punishing people who like barbecue. Townhall notes that Bernie Sanders is open to slapping a tax on meat, the better to do battle against climate change.

“Not only can you not eat Chick-Fil-A because the left says it’s a homophobic company, but now it looks like you can’t even enjoy a nice juicy hamburger either. Bernie Sanders, the Vermont Democratic Socialist and perennial government welfare recipient…I mean public servant…told a crowd of supporters on the 2020 campaign trail on Thursday that he would be open to new taxes on food, similar to European nations, in order to discourage Americans from buying meats and certain agricultural products.”

Bernie’s ire against meat stems from the idea that cow flatulence and belching emits methane, a greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s version of the Green New Deal would ban the raising of cattle altogether. Bernie is thinking of a kinder, gentler idea, which is to make people pay extra to the government for the privilege of eating hamburgers and steak.

Ironically, Bernie is neither a vegan or a vegetarian. He likes meat. Sanders’ affection for animal flesh got him into trouble with the vegans during his 2016 run for the presidency. They protested his campaign rallies and started a Change.org petition demanding that he give up meat entirely and turn vegan.

Bernie declined to change his diet. He comes from the state of Vermont, which features a great many dairy farms and whose main export is cheese and butter. Sanders, should he have ever turned vegan, might lose his senate seat as well as another run for the presidency. The fact that Sanders is a socialist is one thing. The idea of his turning against the dairy industry might prove to be a deal-breaker.

A vegan diet, in any case, is inherently unhealthy, according to food expert Chris Kresser, who writes about nutrition. A diet that sticks strictly to plant products will cause on to miss out on some essential nutrients, especially calcium. Animal flesh is very nutrient-dense and thus is essential for a balanced diet. Vegans and vegetarians tend to develop food deficiency diseases over time.

Dr. Emma Derbyshire, according to Men’s Health, reports that a plant-only diet can stunt brain growth. Plants are low in chlorine, a substance that enables brain growth. “The nutrient, which can be found in meat, fish, eggs and dairy products, is particularly important for pregnant women because it contributes to the healthy growth of a baby’s brain.”

Thus, besides causing a revolt among carnivore Americans who will give up meat when they pry their spatulas from their cold, dead hands, Sanders’ tax on meat would encourage unhealthy eating.

It would be especially bad for pregnant women and infants. Besides, a meat tax is likely unpassable by any conceivable Congress. Not even the delegation from California, a state with its own grilling culture, is likely to vote for such a measure.

Besides the climate change excuse, why is Bernie openly musing about a meat tax? The American Thinking speculates that he is pandering to Vegans, a group that he annoyed the last time he ran for president. He has not said that he would push for such a tax if elected, so he has an out.

Red State summed up the political implications of a Bernie meat tax.

“Sanders did not say outright that a meat tax is an official policy of his platform, but he did give it the old politician shine, indicating that he would support such a notion and that also he’s interested in ‘helping’ farmers become more ‘aggressive’ about combatting climate change.

“Yes, I’m sure farmers will be very excited for your ‘help’ which will be tantamount to them giving up their land, their livestock and their livelihood, effectively causing a nationwide famine but hey…socialists got to socialist.”