Biden and Harris Are Not Welcome in Atlanta…To Avoid Nausea Their Former Supporters Won’t Be Attending The Duos Upcoming Visit


A coalition of voters rights groups in Atlanta has made it abundantly clear how they would rather receive a visit from Jeffrey Dahmer than from Joe Biden. Neither El Presidente nor his fancy flavorless fluff is welcomed in ‘The Big Peach.’ But their disdain for the man isn’t enough to stop Biden from dropping in uninvited anyway. He’s a bit slow to catch on.

Co-founder of the group Black Voters Matter, Cliff Albright, in conjunction with several other Atlanta-based voters rights groups has made their message clear. Unless Biden and his trusty sidekick Harris can present them with positive steps towards advancing voting right legislation, they can keep their tired butts in D.C. for all that they care.

Albright told a team of reporters, “We don’t need even more photo ops. We need action, and that action is in the form of the John Lewis Voting Rights (Advancement) Act as well as the Freedom to Vote Act, and we need that immediately.”

Other groups in Atlanta telling the less than dynamic duo to stay out of their city include the Asian American Advocacy Fund, New Georgia Project Action Fund, and GALEO Impact Fund Inc.

Biden claims the reason for the visit is to try and muster additional support to at least help get some of the voting rights legislation passed. He said the Dems are arduously working to advance measures towards this end, but first they need to bust up a filibuster coming from the Republicans in the Senate who don’t care about any assumed voting rights. None of the hold up has been his fault. He’s just the powerless President…

Albright told the reporters how they don’t want to hear any well-rehearsed speeches written by unknown faces behind the scenes. He said Biden just needs to give a “clear call” that he and his co-hearts are going to ferociously attack the Senate filibuster with every weapon in their arsenal. They need action, not more pitiful rose-scented words.

All Biden has done thus far is to say he backs a new ruling that would crumble the filibuster and allow new voting rights legislation to pass, but that’s it. He’s not given any details concerning what the ruling states, nor has he revealed any type of strategy on how they’re planning to push it through.

The executive director of Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Atlanta, Phi Nguyen, could not have been any blunter by saying, “We beg you to stay in Washington because we don’t need you here in Georgia.”

He continued, “We need legislation that will ensure that our democracy accurately reflects the growing diversity of this state and of this country. Mr. President and Madam Vice President, we beg you to ground that plane the same way that we continue to beg you to ground the planes of so many of our community members who are being deported because we still lack a pathway to citizenship.” Nguyen was of course referring to the pathway Biden vowed to fix but has of yet to raise an aged-spotted finger.

The organizing director for the Asian American Advocacy Fund, Vyanti Joseph, said Harris came in like a whirlwind last year saying how she was going to “keep pushing on voting rights,” but a year later they “have not seen any progress on those promises.”

Joseph said, “It is not the time for another visit. Georgia voters need voting rights today so we can continue to do our work here.”

Add this issue to the growing list of unkept promises from a puppet who repeated whatever lies its trainers programmed it to say for the sake of pulling a fast one.

One thing is certain. Biden and Harris won’t be receiving any traditional southern hospitality when they stumble down the stairs of Air Force One in Atlanta. But they brought it on themselves. And for God’s sake Biden. Quit blaming Republicans in the Senate for your own shortcomings. We’re on to you, bud.