Joe Biden’s reputation has been on the line for quite a while. Scandal after scandal has been thrown at him. Now, his presidential campaign is worried about whether they can stop the tailspin in time. Otherwise, he’s going to come crashing down to the ground with the inability to recover.

The former VP has been through other scandals. Throughout most of his time with Obama, creepy Uncle Joe faced countless accusations from women who said that he touched her inappropriately or spoke to her in an inappropriate way.

However, the scandals coming at the presidential candidate now may be too much to simply push away.

As one campaign insider has said, the finish line for the campaign had been November 2020. All that has changed. Now, they want to be relevant enough to get the DNC nomination.

The Biden camp is spiraling out of control because of Trump’s focus on the Biden-linked scandal in Ukraine.

The campaign insider said that just as they try to get the tailspin under control, something else happens.

Biden is feeling the pressure, too. As one of the oldest candidates, many have questioned whether he is at an age to handle the political aspects of the job. He’s at an age where most politicians would rather step away and focus on retirement. However, Biden has chosen to step further into the limelight and run for president.

With all of the pressure that has been hitting Biden, many wonder whether he can take it much longer. Will he decide that none of it is worth his health and step away? The campaign is still moving forward, though there are plenty of presidential candidates who would love to see him fall. While the Dems can talk about camaraderie all they want, many know that if Biden spirals completely out of control, it would allow them to step in.

At one point, political analysts identified that there were only three candidates to be concerned about: Biden, Warren, and Sanders. If Biden is out of the equation, it means that the lesser-known candidates such as Castro, Buttigieg, and Harris have a chance to step forward as an alternative to the progressive camps that Warren and Sanders have built.

Right now, the allegations stacking up against Biden and his family are fierce. The seasoned politician can’t shake these, either. With Giuliani and several others in Trump’s camp not letting up the pressure on Biden, it’s hard to see what’s going to happen.

However, many now know that Biden’s son Hunter used to be on the board of a Ukrainian company. That company was being investigated – and therefore Hunter was being investigated. Suddenly, the lead prosecutor is fired, allowing Hunter’s investigation to come to an end.

There is a significant amount of evidence to show that the former VP used his pressure to hold foreign aid from the then-president of Ukraine in exchange for making the prosecutor go away. If this happened, Biden needs to be charged instead of being allowed to run for president. It’s no wonder why he’s tanking in the polls. Especially with the crookedness of Hillary Clinton, no one wants to accidentally put the wrong president into the White House.

The Dems are terrified of Biden spiraling to the brink of not being able to get the DNC nomination, too. It’s why they have tried to stop Trump from investigating. Rather than being worried that Biden actually did do something that he shouldn’t have in order to protect his family, they’re turning the tables. They want to blame Trump for looking into the Bidens. They’re using all of this as fuel for impeachment to say that he’s interfering with a presidential campaign.

If Biden wasn’t running for president, Trump would have the power to investigate. However, because Biden is running, the Dems want to say that he can’t conduct an investigation to determine if something unlawful happened. After all, if Trump finds something, Biden would have to be removed from running for president once and for all – and then who could possibly beat Trump in 2020?

If anyone is responsible for Biden’s downward spiral, it’s his own actions as well as the actions of the Dems who have done nothing but continuously point the finger at Trump for everything that is wrong in the world.

With Biden nearly out of the picture for becoming the Democratic nominee, it’s anyone’s guess as to who will be running against Trump. There’s likely going to be a feeding frenzy amongst the Democratic candidates as they race to take his place.