Joe Biden predicted on Monday that he would win the election in several southern states that haven’t seen Democratic wins in decades.

“First of all, I plan on campaigning in the South. I plan, if I’m the nominee, winning Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina, believe it or not,” he said at a recent gathering in Washington, DC. In addition, he stated, “I believe we can win Texas and Florida, if you look at the polling data now.” All of these states were won by Trump in 2016.

This would be a tremendous feat for the Democratic former vice president.

In South Carolina, Republicans have won in every presidential election since 1968, with the exception of Jimmy Carter in 1976. However, Biden has vacationed there for years and believes he has enough clout and deep ties to communities there that he will lead the race.

North Carolina, as well, has only given wins to GOP nominees since 1968, except for Barack Obama in 2008.

And in Georgia, Bill Clinton was the last Democrat to have won in 1992.

Texas last had a Democrat win in 1976 with President Jimmy Carter. However, a recent poll by Quinnipiac University suggests that Biden has a slight edge over Trump in a hypothetical 2020 general election match-up with a 48-44 lead. And a new survey taken in the state indicates that most voters are undecided on whether they will re-elect Trump for a second term.

This is even further confused by Texas White House candidate, Beto O’Rourke and his recent near upset in last year’s midterm elections.

Where Florida is concerned, Biden puts his hope in the fact that it voted for Obama in 2008 and again in 2012, although 2016 it also voted for Trump.

Biden believes that much of his success will come from his past experience and triumph in areas that were overwhelmingly thought of as black communities. At the Poor People’s Campaign meeting on Monday, he claimed he would spend much of his time in the South striving to win the support of poor whites, as well as black and Latino voters.

He claims that Trump has made the division of classes and races even more apparent, pitting one against the other and that it’s “a bunch of malarkey.” He went on to say that “the exploitation is more extreme than it’s ever been because the gigantic income inequality that exists here in America. It’s greater than at any time since the turn of the last century.”

He says he will do things differently.

“You’ve got to make it clear to people that we’re all in this together. We don’t do that very well,” Biden says. He made note that Delaware, his home state, has the eighth largest African American population in the nation and he obviously had made it big there.

He also hopes that his proposal for universal access to Medicaid “right off the bat” will help him win over many voters in those southern states.