Biden Proves Minorities and Women Mean Nothing to Him

The vast dark agenda that Joe Biden and his wannabe vice president are pressing on the people just keeps getting worse. His puppet masters have finally announced their list of demands that they would like to see happen at the start of his presidency. The executive orders left for him to sift through at the top of his list. His illegitimate reign of terror will be felt far and wide as Americans brace for Armageddon Biden style.

Joe Biden has kept his dementia a secret, but the signs ooze out of his skill once in a while. His on-tap media has done an excellent job of covering up his craziness. But America deserves better than a fake president that was not even voted for in the election.

The fake New York Times stated that “…President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. plans to start his administration with dozens of executive directives on top of expansive legislative proposals in a 10-day blitz meant to signal a turning point for a nation reeling from disease, economic turmoil, racial strife and now the aftermath of the assault on the Capitol.”

The race to implement radical changes is nothing more than an abuse of executive powers. Biden is acting like his time in office is short as he tries to lay a foundation that was once in place before President Trump sent evil Hillary Clinton packing.

Biden’s masters have given him the list of things that he needs to accomplish before he can effectively return to his basement and go crazy. They want him to reverse the “travel ban on several predominantly Muslim countries; rejoining the Paris climate change accord; extending pandemic-related limits on evictions and student loan payments; issuing a mask mandate for federal property and interstate travel; and ordering agencies to figure out how to reunite children separated from their families after crossing the border.” According to the Times.

One of Biden’s biggest goals is to find a way to put a name with the fact ballots’ faces that he got his team to cast for him. The only way he can think of is to provide citizenship to the 11 million illegals stealing from the American people.

Strangely enough, Biden decided to attack the Keystone Pipeline that has been moving forward for nearly four years. His secret agenda is passed down to him by special interest groups that have moved back into the Oval Office.

Now that the government is in the business of dictating what businesses can and cannot do, the Keystone pipeline contract is in trouble. The group of environmentalists that hated the idea from the start finally got their puppet in a position to take orders from them.

Biden really wants to burden Americans by putting the country back into the Paris Accord. This lopsided agreement puts the United States at a considerable disadvantage with the rest of the world. Biden also wants to force people to wear masks, which will mirror the Islamic neighbors that would love nothing more than to kill Americans.

Every one of the agenda items that Biden has said he is going to do eliminates hundreds of thousands of jobs. Just the Keystone project alone puts 40,000 people out of work. Burdening the oil industry is going to add even more jobless people to the count. And the border wall construction effort will finish off the count.

Joe Biden cares more about himself than the people the president is supposed to serve and protect. He is looking to sign these executive orders are an abuse of power and pretty much show just how much he hates Donald Trump. Not one of these orders is designed to counter any other Republican bill or law. His orders are going after Trump’s work.

Then there is the issue of women. Biden has not been able to sniff any of them, so he is looking for a way to do them harm as well. he seeks to enact orders that will put women down and keep minorities from being able to reach the American dream. They will be kept at an arm’s reach and forced to serve their liberal masters until such a time that a Republican can set them free.