Joe Biden has been struggling in the polls for the past few months. He continuously stumbles and says things that simply aren’t true. Biden is not a young guy, and as he continues to have missteps in the media, many wonder if he’s just the right guy for the job.

Biden says the media “isn’t getting it.” However, it’s not that they’re not getting it. They have no clue what he is saying or even trying to say. There’s a significant gap in what’s being said and what’s being understood – and that has to do with the substantial age gap between him and the media.

The proof is in a Biden rally. You look around at all of the reporters who are there to cover the event. They are young. Then, you look to the stage and Joe Biden is anything but young. There are so many reporters who are attuned to modern issues, ranging from social justice to race to gender. They are online. Biden is none of those things. He continuously references bills from 30 years ago and references senators who have since passed on.

Biden can’t even tell anyone what TikTok is. He’s simply out of touch with what’s going on – yet he fails to admit to it. This is where he’s failing the most – he doesn’t “get it.”

It’s not just an age thing, either. Sanders is actually older – and he’s not having the same problem that Biden is. Sanders isn’t going around saying that “the media doesn’t get me.”

In fact, he has a larger following of millennials than any of the other candidates. Part of that is because he is attuned to the modern issues – and he probably knows what TikTok is, too.

Biden refuses to see that the problem is him, not the media. He wants to blame the media that they’re twisting his words. However, Biden is the one who is making the errors. His story about someone in the military was told incorrectly – it ended up being about three different stories woven together.

The media called him out on it. Biden’s defense was that it didn’t matter that it was three stories, it was the overall feeling that he was trying to portray. However, truth is truth and lies are lies. The media is perfectly capable of listening to the words.

Biden runs into the problem that his party is split. He’s a Democrat, but he’s not on the leftist side of the Democratic Party, which are the ones who are regularly trolling Twitter. If Biden were to admit that there’s a problem with how he’s being perceived, he’d get some moderate trolls on Twitter.

When he was on the campaign trail in Iowa, a female activist said she was intimidated by the former VP when she questioned him about his decision to reverse his opinion on the Hyde amendment. A photo of the encounter when viral – and Biden found himself being blamed for mansplaining what happened.

Often, on the leftist side of the Democratic Party, Biden is only given a pinch more respect than Donald Trump, and sometimes not even not. The photo was taken at the most inappropriate time, with his finger pointed. It’s similar to the viral photo of Trump in a weird facial pose because he was about to drink a bottle of water.

Biden needs to remember his audience. His polls show that he has more culturally conservative people behind him – and most of them are older. They are the Democrats who roll their eyes at the snowflakes who make up the progressive left. However, they’re the ones who are ruling the media right now.

The former VP cannot say that the media doesn’t get it. They get him alright. They just don’t like him. They think that he’s old, outdated, and incapable of maintaining a stand on certain issues.

They don’t want to like him, either, because he’s on the wrong side of the Democratic Party as far as they’re concerned.

With Biden continuously battling it out with the media, it’s one of the reasons why many Democrats are planning “when” he will fall instead of “if.”

Biden’s ready to point the finger at the media for not getting it, when he’s clearly the one that isn’t getting it. His outdated antics are showing, and the media (nor Americans under the age of 60) are able to identify with him or the message that he wants to share with the country.