Joe Biden has been relatively quiet on where he stands regarding the transgender athlete issue. That issue, of course, is whether boys who identify as girls will be able to play on the girls’ teams and vice versa.

Well, he’s decided to come forward with his stance.

If Biden were to win the General Election in November, school sports as we know it will be over.

Boys have more innate strength than girls. They can run faster, lift more, and simply perform better in most sports.

If a transgender joins a girls’ team, it gives them an unfair advantage. Although they may identify as a girl, the hard reality is that they still have all of the strengths of a boy.

Biden has pledged that he will pass the Equality Act within the first 100 days that he takes office as president. This bill would require public schools to allow any biological male who identifies as a transgender girl to compete in girls’ sports.

By allowing such a thing, it could make girls’ teams stronger. But what about individual sports, like track and swimming? A transgender girl could easily outcompete “her” fellow classmates because of being a biological male. It would be hard for biological females to compete at the same level.

Although the Equality Act has passed with unanimous support from the Democrats in the House, it has yet to come up for a vote in the Senate, controlled by Republicans.

Various individuals have been outspoken against the idea of biological males competing in female sports, including Joe Rogan. Biden has said, “there is no room for compromise” when it comes to such an issue and identifies it as the “civil rights issue of our time.”

Jamal Brown, Biden’s campaign press secretary has even asked Bernie Sanders, who was endorsed by Joe Rogan, to disavow some of the comments made by Rogan as “transphobic.”

What Biden and the rest of the Democrats don’t realize is that it’s not about being transphobic. It’s about being able to play fair.

There are plenty of studies to show that biological males are stronger than biological females. Being transgender is a state of mind. There’s nothing wrong with a person to choose to identify in a gender they were not born in. However, it should prevent them from competing in sports because it’s not fair to the girls. A biological female simply cannot go up against a transgender female and have a fair fight.

The transgender athlete issue continues to be a dividing issue between the Democrats and Republicans. High school girls sued the state of Connecticut over the transgender policy. The Trump administration’s Department of Education sided with the girls. Again, the Department of Justice threw their support behind the law in Idaho that restricts girls’ sports to biological females.

This shouldn’t even be an issue. There are limits to what should be allowed based on biology. What happens when a girls’ locker room has a transgender girl (biological male) showering with them? High school girls shouldn’t be exposed to a naked male in the locker rooms regardless of whether that male identifies as a girl or not.

Further, how will female athletes be able to win medals, championships, and scholarships in the future if they are losing to biological males within their sport? There’s a reason that many sports are divided into boys and girls. It ensures that there’s a division based on biological skills.

A perfect example is the discus throw in track and field. For men, the weight is 2kg. For women, it is only 1kg. Why? It’s easier for men to throw a heavier weight. In high school athletics, a transgender female will be allowed to throw a 1kg, ensuring that it goes further because it’s lighter than what their biological male body should be throwing.

This is what Biden is in support of. He’s in support of ruining high school sports forever. How many high school girls will want to compete when there’s a transgender girl on the team? It’s not about being transphobic. It’s about being able to have a real shot at earning gold and proving that they are the best.

It’s no wonder Biden has been so silent on this issue. He’s known that it would upset the Republicans. Transgenders and the rest of the LGBTQ community can have countless rights, but when it comes to sports, some basic science needs to intervene to keep things fair. That’s where real equality comes in.