There is nothing better than being proved right for President Trump. Everything that he does is ridiculed and taken to court by the dastardly Democrats. As the fires in California raged The blind Democrats tried to place the blame on people living in the state. They pushed that the fires started because of the amount of electricity that was being consumed by people. Any rational person would laugh at such a belief, but it is what happened in California.

California’s governor, Gavin Newsom, was so blinded by his stupidity that he authorized the shutoff of power for hundreds of thousands of people for a week at a time. The goal was to stop the fires. The fact remains that it simply was not electrical usage that started the fires, but rather, poor land management. They simply did not keep the trees trimmed around the power lines.

President Trump has repeatedly stated the truth behind the fires. But Newsom believes he is always right and ignored the truth. The truth came out this week when climate experts laughed at Newsom’s beliefs and proved President Trump was right all along. Scott Stephens, who teaches about fires at the University of California, Berkeley campus, would state that “Roughly 75% of damage stemming from California’s wildfires was a result of the way we manage lands and develop our landscape.”

It is not rocket science to understand that when tree branches cross paths with electrical lines that fires can start. These branches disrupt the flow of electricity. This truth is known by every other state that trims its trees around electrical lines. But everyone knows that Newsom is always right. Or, at least he seems to think so.

Another point that Stephens mentions is that “Fire was almost as important as rain to ecosystems.” Fires have to move across the land in California to clear the old dead brush. In some areas, new seed placement depends on fire to release the seeds from the pinecones of the trees. Newsom believes that fire is bad. But the clear design of nature is that it is vital to the health and wellness of the ecosystem in the region.

So, it is not climate change or electrical usage that started the fires. It was just time for the next generation of plants to take hold in California. It is not the fault of nature that mankind-built homes in fire risk areas. Although the Democrats would love to have people believe that humans settled the land before nature did.

Jennifer Montgomery, who is the director of the California Forest Management Task Force noted, “Wildfire is not really wildfire — it’s not pointy green trees. You get these so-called wildfires at the intersection of development.” President Trump would say the same thing “There is no reason for these massive, deadly and costly forest fires in California except that forest management is so poor.”

The experts have weighed in a proven the president right. There is no doubt that the states “prolonged, record drought; unprecedented tree mortality; heat waves” caused a lot of fuel for first to start Bill Johnson, who is PG&E CEO, said. Johnson had to carry out Newsom’s orders to cut power to the state because of the fire threat. What needed to happen was for the trees to be cut back in the areas where the fires were starting.

The dumbness of the Democrat Party rages on. Jerry Brown, who is a Democrat, has laughably stated that “those who deny” the idea of global warming were “definitely contributing” to the problem of the fires. One expert would put Brown in his place as he would say that “The recent fires are predominantly in grassland and chaparral.” He would also note that Brown is wrong because these grasses would have burned up in spite of climate change.

President Trump has told the truth like he always does. He has not misled the nation on any matter. The fires in California were not because of electrical usage, but rather because of the poor management skills that the Democrats have shown.