The northern part of Syria is like another country that is not like the rest of Syria.  Thousands of ISIS members are running a prison camp, which seems to be a mini caliphate.  Members who reside there are following the extreme terrorist rules closely, living in the primitive system of Islamic justice, and keep the mentality of ISIS alive and well.

This entire area goes more than often unchecked.  The Kurdish SDF holds them captive, and the ISIS prisoners are described as “ticking time bombs” due to their hostility and overwhelming desire to escape the barren prisons.  These ISIS members are being left to breed with their hatred and are causing the next generation to form worse than before.

The prisons are mostly women and children who carry so much hate in their hearts and are among the most intense.  They are loyal to their society till death, and they all believe their empire of terrorism will rise again stronger than ever.  The camp commander stated the people in the prison camp is beyond reform.

There are over 71,000 people at the Al Hawl camp prison.  Close to 10,000 of the prisoners are of different backgrounds, which include French, English, Russian, Belgium, Chinese, and many others.  They will remain inside the prisons until death because their home countries do not want them back.  These are some of the most dangerous and would carry out horrendous attacks.

Snowflakes would argue about the children, but they have been brainwashed to hate and kill just as much if not more than the adults.  The arguments claim they are innocent, but they are the trained next generation of jihadis bred into hate and terrorism.  Those who were captured were the ones who had no place to go.  Eventually, they will escape if more is not done to contain them.  The guards who watch over the camp from the inside have no control over the prisoners, and the perimeter is all that is secure.

Upon the announcement of the death of the ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, women would throw stones and calling the guards liars.  If the guards were inside with the women, they would be mauled to death.  The guards are outnumbered by all the prisoners.  The guards only enter the camps when a dead body needs to be recovered.  They do not just walk in though, they drive in with heavy artillery and are swamped by the women who set up attacks all around them.

The lady who is the camp commander is always joyful and smiling.  She talks with ease about all the attempts on her life every day.  She told of how the women jumped her and threw gasoline on her trying to set her on fire while biting and beating her.  There was one night she said, on her way home, the road was boobytrapped with homemade roadside bombs and other attacks just waiting for her to pass by.

Reports say the only way the camp prison could get any worse is if Turkey would go back to fighting the Kurds.  The violations which came from Turkey caused many problems, and the guards say the situation “is hanging by a thread.”  There were 180 reported breakouts caused by the violations of Turkey, but they were all recaptured due to the bare landscape.  If they could get past the landscape, other ISIS remnants are waiting to rescue them the rest of the way to freedom.

The media exploited the situation and claimed there were many more that escaped.  If AOC or one of her Four Horsewomen Congress colleagues would go there, they would definitely play it as they did at the border.  Many people in the comments stated all of the Left should be thrown into the prison camps in Northern Syria just to show them what they created.  Only the snowflakes liberals have something to say about the living quarters for these hateful people.

Ninety percent of the people who responded to the story had all said the same thing.  Since all of these evil people are in one remote location and the guards cannot control them, just send in an airstrike or drone to finish them off.  All of the women and children inside the camps are in there because they are killers and have killed massive amounts of people.  It is sad that there are women and children who make up the prison but those same women and children are far from innocent.