China Ready for War With the United States Over Taiwan

By Hung Chung Chih /
By Hung Chung Chih /

China has long desired to have a major confrontation over the tiny island of Taiwan. Their deluded image of themselves has led them to believe that any territory surrounding them belongs to the mainland. But Taiwan is more than just an island, and a nation is a place where freedom and choice have meaning. And the Chinese cannot stand to have that influence so close to their borders.

The communist regime has started testing the military response of the Taiwanese people. They fly into their airspace, hoping for a response or reason to launch an attack. In essence, they are simply bullying a smaller nation.

The invasion into Taiwan’s airspace did not start until Joe Biden got into the White House. The old man is so weak and spinless that nations that once feared the United States have become aggressive. They know Biden is too feeble with age to want to do anything about the terror they could enlist.

The murderous regime has also been known to stage attack drills using mock U.S. aircraft carriers. The goal is to know how to attack and disable enemy vessels.

But the Chinese know that they will lose at an all-out confrontation. And they realize that they cannot be the ones to start a war. Their goal is to look for any reason to start a conflict. And they found one when an American delegation of politicians made their way to the Taiwan mainland.

China decided that they would conduct a significant drill in the Taiwan Strait while the delegation was visiting. The communist nation had condemned the visit of the delegation. But in all practicality, there was no reason for them to care about who was visiting their tiny neighbor, and they were looking for any reason to put more pressure on the Taiwan defenses.

The Chinese were ticked off at the people visiting because they believed they should have the right to do whatever they wanted without outside interference. They hated the meetings and what was being said about the independent nature of the Taiwanese people. China needs the international community to stop recognizing the island as a nation to annex it to the mainland.

Taiwan hates the fact that China keeps invading its airspace. But the Chinese are simply being a bully because they are the larger of the two nations. They violated sovereign airspace just this past week when they sent six aircraft into the region to spy on what was happening.

The United States is standing by Taiwan for the moment. No one knows precisely what Joe Biden is going to do from one moment to the next. He loves the Chinese government style because it mirrors what he wants for America. But he will never be able to achieve his plan without destroying more than half the population.

Taiwan’s Premier is Su Tseng-chang. And he stated that the visit of American delegates is a display of friendship, and he views it as such. The purpose of the visit has not been discussed other than Tseng-chang saying that they were making “appropriate arrangement.”

The Chinese released a statement that opposed such meetings. They stated that “We firmly oppose and strongly condemn this.” As if anyone truly cares what they think.

Joe Biden is playing the field. He loves the Chinese since they are the ones that have funded him with secret amounts of money. But he cannot get away from supporting the Taiwan people since they are an American ally.

At some point, the old man will have to choose to support an ally or throw them to the wolves. And what the old man does will affect all other relationships in the future. Nations will see America as a trusted ally or a people that cannot be trusted. The president is putting America in a challenging position because he refuses to condemn China’s actions.

The red regime keeps testing Taiwan’s resolve, and the United States seems to sit back and watch. There must be support given to Taiwan to preserve freedom. But Biden had turned his back on freedom before when Cubans were ready for help.