If two-faced, climate change-loving lawmakers like AOC have done anything successfully well, it is that they have taught their easily misguided followers to be just as hypocritical and deceitful.

Proof of this can be found not just in a few crazed protestors but in an entire camp of climate change activists known as Extinction Rebellion. Last week, in the middle of the group’s encampment in Berlin, Germany, a gas-fueled generator was found to be running their electricity, such as power for their smartphones and laptops.

Video of the discovery was posted on Twitter by a local politician with the question, “What is #Extinction Rebellion actually doing in this camp?”

While the proof was referred to as “unverified footage,” the implications are clearing damning to a group that claims to be entirely against fossil fuels such as gasoline.

The group’s website says, “The third world war – of profit versus life – is already underway. Humanity itself is on the brink of abyss: our potential extinction. We face a breakdown of all life, the tragedy of tragedies: the unhallowed horror.”

The overly dramatic verbiage incites a world about to die and an entire human race who will no longer exist unless specific changes in our lifestyle happen.

Changes like forbidding the use of fossil fuels used to power our automobiles, airplanes, homes, and even our protest camps. Or the grounding all aircraft, getting rid of plastics, and not allowing specific resources such as oil to even be excavated or mined.

And yet, it seems this group’s connection to the digital and modern world is a bit more important than saving the world’s dying populations.

The generator found within the camp was noted to be an ESE 6000 DBS. It puts out 5,500 watts of power that the camp uses to charge their digital devices, power their lamps, and live without giving up the amenities of the 21st century.

It, like all generators, requires some sort of power source. In this case it is gasoline. Yes, one of the very fossil fuels this group of activists claims to hate and prohibits.

And this generator uses a lot of it, 2.5 liters an hour, to be exact. For those of you not familiar with the metric system of measurement, this is right at about two-thirds of a gallon every hour.

What’s even worse is that the generator was hidden. The video shows it being covered up by pieces of wood, pallets, and other large fragments of scrap. So it’s obvious this group knew it would be bad for them if it was found. They didn’t want the shame of their ‘crime’ being found out, so they hid it. But just like every lie, it is eventually found out.

And it wouldn’t have been hard to discover this one. I mean, generators such as this are extremely noisy. Anyone within a few blocks would have likely heard it, even if its noise was muffled by cars driving by, busy city streets, and layers of wood and cloth covering it.

Apparently, Extinction Rebellion members aren’t too smart. Not only do they have the stupidity of bringing a gas-guzzling monstrosity into their “fossil fuel-less” camp, but they also simply covered its appearance up, oblivious to the roaring noise it continuously puts off. Maybe, the group’s constant yelling in protest has affected their hearing.

So while this group was out protesting the world-killing use of fossil fuels, their camp was kept humming with activity from its benefits. In one instance, the group even blocked road traffic to tell everyone how greedy the world was and how that greed was killing the environment.

Little did their audience know that the group was just as much of a part of that greed. After all, it would have been terrible if their cell phones had died so they couldn’t promote their protests online or if they had to go without electricity for a short amount of time.

Lawmakers who incite such actions must be so proud. Their babies are acting just like them.