CNN has been having a really bad month in August of 2019. First, April Ryan’s bodyguard roughed up a local reporter and prevented him from covering a speech Ryan was delivering.

Kind of makes you wonder what she’s saying in front of these liberal special interest groups since she doesn’t allow any reporters to attend her speeches, doesn’t it? Then, Fredo Cuomo had an epic meltdown captured on a now-viral cell phone video.

He raged, cursed and spit at a Trump supporter, threatened to “wreck” him and threatened to push the poor man down the stairs. But those embarrassing scandals pale in comparison to what CNN’s evening personality Don Lemon is accused of doing.

Before reading any further, please note that this story is really gross. If you have a weak stomach, you might want to skip this one. CNN’s Don Lemon is not a good person.

A New York man has accused Don Lemon of engaging in a bizarre, sexually-charged assault against him. That man’s name is Dustin Hice. Here’s how Mr. Hice describes the assault.

Hice is an employee at a gay bar in the ritzy Hamptons on the east side of New York City. Back in July of 2018, Lemon was in the bar, and Hice offered to buy Lemon a drink.

Lemon declined, but a few minutes later, Hice’s lawsuit alleges that Don Lemon walked back over to him in the bar. According to the lawsuit, Don Lemon proceeded to stick his hand down his own shorts and began “vigorously” rubbing his own genitals.

Lemon is then accused of sticking his sweaty fingers in Dustin Hice’s mustache and asking him, “Do you like p**sy or d**k?”

Before going any further, we should note that the #MeToo era has generated a lot of credible hoaxes along with exposing a lot of powerful cads. For every real predator like Harvey Weinstein who has been exposed, there are also a lot of hoaxes.

For example, when Brett Kavanaugh was inexplicably being accused of running a junior high Roman Catholic rape gang, Sen. Corey Booker (D-NJ), who is running for president, claimed that we should upend the rule of law and “believe all victims.”

That prompted a hilarious and extremely credible hoax to appear on Twitter at the time. A young man claimed that he had been sexually assaulted… by Corey Booker.

He even generated a very realistic looking “deposition” with an “attorney,” in which he described Corey Booker’s attempt to sodomize him in a men’s room. It was highly detailed, hilarious, and an elaborate hoax. It did, however, illustrate the absurdity of Booker’s claims that we should “believe all victims.”

At first glance, Dustin Hice’s lawsuit against Don Lemon appears like it could be a similar type of hoax. However, Mr. Hice did go as far as filing an actual lawsuit against Don Lemon for damages.

CNN is standing by Don Lemon, calling the lawsuit frivolous and accusing Mr. Hice of being a Trump supporter. If you’ve been paying attention, you will have noticed that no one ever gets fired from CNN for bad behavior in public. The only firing offense at CNN these days is accidentally uttering something that mildly sounds like it could be supportive of Donald Trump.

But things just got a whole lot worse for Don Lemon and CNN. Unlike all of Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers, who all lacked credibility, eyewitnesses or evidence, Dustin Hice actually has evidence to back up his claims: a credible eyewitness.

Dustin Hice’s boss at the bar, a man named George Gounelas, has come forward to say that he saw Don Lemon’s disgusting attack on Hice. Gounelas says it happened exactly as Hice alleges in his lawsuit against Don Lemon.

“As his boss, I was kind of making fun,” said Gounelas. “I feel bad now.”

So do the rest of us. It looks like Dustin Hice was not only not making up the disgusting story about Don Lemon – but he was actually harmed by it. He’s suing for emotional damages against Lemon.

Don Lemon, of course, was part of the mainstream media chorus that falsely called Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh a sexual predator throughout his confirmation hearings.

Like Corey Booker, Lemon was insisting that we must “believe all victims.” You have to wonder if he still feels that way today since Dustin Hice has real evidence to back up his claims against Lemon.