He wasn’t quiet about it and he isn’t usually quiet about much. Of course, when it comes to letting the enemy know our plans, well that’s another discussion for another time. As a rule of thumb, however, like most honest people the President has no issue with voicing his mind, his opinion or his ideas.

The one bad thing about being a boisterous person though, especially one in leadership, is that when it goes wrong it is for all to see (because it is so hard to miss!) The great thing about being that kind of person is that when things go right, well – it is going to be hard to miss.

That is the setup and what has transpired over the past week or so, well it couldn’t have been scripted with more irony. In fact, this has the potential to be one of the most serendipitous turn-of-events to ever befall a President.

The end of this story is still waiting to be written but to this point, it has been mesmerizing. Complete with heroes, villains, and the cast of two countries this saga has been unfolding for some time now…

It began a long long time ago in a place not so far away, called Washington D.C. and it was here the story took place. A man they referred to as “the Don” took aim at the highest seat in the land, promising to “build that wall.”

It was that wall between us and Mexico that would protect our country and make us stronger. This man even said that “they” should pay for it and has suggested that they “will.” It was on this and other promises to make us great again that the Don became the President of the United States.

Many moons later a beast was caught, the most heinous of evils living in a man-monster they called, “El Chapo.” After many many seasons and countless moons, they caught, captured and convicted this beast, to be put away – forever.

Alas, El Chapo had acquired a great fortune through his devious affairs, this most shunned son of Mexico. Yes, that Mexico! What was to be done with this great fortune that was so ill-gotten?

Then, the people remembered hearing their leaders voice, as the man who was known once as the Don now don the highest crown in the land. “Build that wall”… and now was it possible, could it be that justice itself ended that awful reign of terror and provided the monies for this wall?

Was this poetic justice, to have provided this Mexican sourced funding for a wall intended to keep us safe? For many folks, the writing on the wall was clear and that was voiced by more than a few.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz was one of those folks who read that writing. He revisited this idea and was quoted in a recent story saying, “I think the next step is to criminally forfeit his entire global criminal enterprise. It’s worth billions. And we should use every penny of that money to build the wall and secure the border… .” The Texas Senator is certainly speaking what many have already been thinking and it makes sense on so many levels. It is a solution for the funding question. It keeps taxpayer money from being threatened and it delivers (at least in a manner of speaking) on the goals of making Mexico pay for it.

It probably isn’t possible to calculate the odds on something like this happening but they have to be astronomical. A promise years before to build a wall. To have Mexico bear the bulk of the burden for it. Then to have the most notorious Mexican criminal in history captured who has also amassed a fortune? Seriously, what are the odds?

Now comes the actual work of making it happen, of allowing what serendipity has done to have its way. Of course, if this can work and the Democrats avoid messing this up, that would be serendipity indeed! The End?