Bill De Blasio is going to be the ruination of NYC. His liberal roots are forcing him to attack the very people that protect the city so its people can sleep safely at night. His plan to remove funding from the police department is a deliberate attack on the men and women that keep illegals and criminals from preying on the citizens of the city.

His plan mimics the Democratic plan of Minneapolis where the same idea is being thought through. The plan slowly drains money away from the police department until it is nothing more than a worthless drain on the budget.

Bill De Blasio has been a major voice against law enforcement in the city. He has been led to believe by the damaging teaching of the Democratic Party that law enforcement is corrupt and should be done away with. But this action fits perfectly with the corrupt nature of the Democrats.

They believe that if there are no cops around, then they can encourage illegal activity and get away with it. His plan is nothing more than an attempt to remove the teeth of the law. By so doing he is opening New York up to a major crime wave that is about to sweep through the city.

The maniac mayor has said that his decision to defund the police department will be used to fund youth programs. What he has missed is that youth programs are not going to reach a heart and make a difference if a child knows that they will not get into trouble for criminal behaviors.

De Blasio is a reactive mayor that cannot think rationally. He has let his emotions dictate a course of action. Something that never turns out well for anyone on the receiving end of the decision.

The full recommendation stemmed from his task force that specializes in racial inclusion. The problem is that the group assumes that there is more than one race living on the earth.

The facts show that there is only one race living on the planet which means all people are human. To assume several races is racist in itself. The group that made the suggestion is a group that is run by his wife. This only shows that the laws are changing because of how one family feels about them.

De Blasio believes that the safety of New York City is important. Which does not explain his decision to do away with the one department that keeps people safe. Like a good Democrat, he is not making any sense at all.

He stated that “We will be moving funding from the NYPD to youth initiatives and social services.” Every fact is screaming at him telling him that there is going to be a major spike in crime because there is no one to enforce the laws.

De Blasio also has made New York a sanctuary city that invites criminals to set up shop. And now his decision to remove the police just made it possible for crime bosses to come and rule.

In some weird fashion, De Blasio must think he can just shine a light into the sky and have a superhero come and save the city every time a problem comes up. And all of this is coming after a sadistic officer in another state went too far and someone died. All police officers are not bad. The vast majority of them truly care about people and want to see them safe.

The mad mayor’s wishful think is seen when he stated that “The details will be worked out in the budget process in the weeks ahead. But I want people to understand that we are committed to shifting resources to ensure that the focus is on our young people. This is a beginning. I want it to be abundantly clear to all New Yorkers. These are first steps to what will be 18 months of making intense change in this city. The work of this task force is crucial. This is a transformative moment.”

This is the moment when New York becomes a major crime center. His plan to reinvent a proven system of crime control will never work. All he wants is to make New York a socialist city.