It is funny how the Democrats like to stir the pot and cause massive trouble until they get in trouble themselves.  President Trump’s legal team has issued a lawsuit disputing a law that gives the right to Congress to request tax returns from the president.

House Democrats are now looking for every excuse in the book to get out of this lawsuit.  The defendants in the case are all Democrat. They are as follows, Democrat-led Ways and Means Committee, Committee Chairman Richard Neal, and committee aide Andrew Grossman.

The Democrats are claiming there was no harm to the president, and they are “immune from the lawsuit under the Constitution’s speech or debate clause.”  Here is the problem.  It is a New York State Law, and over half of the laws in New York are unconstitutional.  Most were made by Democrats.  This is where President Trump has the upper hand to most likely claim another victory over Democrats.

Democrats are even throwing the impeachment process into the cards of getting out of this lawsuit and wrote the judge a letter.  The letter stated, “As relevant here, the Committee could at some point decide to seek information under the [New York law] in connection with this impeachment inquiry.  This inquiry and any deliberation concerning any actions the committee could potentially take in aid of it underscores the reasons that the Clause provides absolute immunity for the Committee Defendants’ decision-making and related acts here.”

The TRUST Act was passed in July, and it illegally states Congress tax committees can request state tax returns from public officials.  President Trump, in turn, filed the lawsuit to combat the law and Congress.  Trump alleges, “The committee has no legitimate legislative purpose to request his state tax returns, and that the New York law violates the First Amendment.”

Democrat House Lawyers are stating in the letter, “Trump doesn’t have standing to sue because he hasn’t provided an injury that pertains to them, and that Trump’s case is not yet ripe.  Mr. Trump’s claim is far too abstract and speculative to warrant judicial intervention at this juncture.”

After this letter was released to the judge, the Democrats realized the Federal and State Laws are different, and they are now claiming they are seeking Federal and not State.  Isn’t it funny how they changed their tune when they realized the law does not cover Federal but State only?  Now they are reportedly arguing amongst themselves if the State laws fall under the debate clause or the Constitution’s speech clause.

That is pretty sad they do not know the laws when they make it themselves.  Here is the problem, they make up the laws as they go, and they made so many to contradict themselves; they don’t even remember anymore.

All of these rules the Democrats come up with are all tied into one thing and one thing only, the impeachment proceedings.  The bottom line is they do not have anything on President Donald Trump to convict him or impeach him of any crime, and it is killing them inside.

Here is the kicker, the Democrats say, “Trump has failed to state a claim against them.”  Is that not what a lawsuit is? President Trump’s claim is the Democrats are breaking not only the Constitutional laws, but they are breaking their own stupid laws as well by making things up as they go along.

The letter continued, “At bottom, the relief Mr. Trump seeks, in this case, is as brazen as it is extreme.  In the absence of any injury to him now, and admitting that a request by the Committee Defendants by itself will never harm him, Mr. Trump nonetheless asks this Court to invade the Committee’s ongoing deliberations concerning whether and how to gather information for its work.”  Okay, “its work.”  By “work,” do they mean illegally impeachment proceedings???  These Dumbocrats take the cake when it comes to stupidity!

In September, Judge Carl Nichols, who was appointed by President Trump, heard both sides of the arguments but has not made a decision at this time.  Judge Nichols issued an order in August where New York officials can hand over none of the requested tax returns from the president to the Ways and Means Committee until he makes his decision on the New York official’s motion.

Since the law itself is unconstitutional, the decision may take longer than expected.  House General Counsel Douglas Letter stated in September the defendants may lose their motion.