You have to hate them. The Democrats of America have found new ways to hate the country they live in. The Democratic party is campaigning on the premise that the United States is trash and everyone that lives in the country are monsters.

So what the Democrats are really saying is that every person in the country stinks and all of them should be harmed in the process of reforming America. Many of the Nazi AOC organization and the dorky Democrats want to make America a communist nation where the poor rob from the rich and keep it all for themselves.

The Democratic party is made up of people that do not care about the American people. They push for murdering babies, they want illegal aliens ruling the government, and they want to see racism divide and destroy the population.

While all of these bad things are going on they are sitting back and laughing at everyone for being blind to their devious ways. What irks the dorky liberals is that Americans love their country and do not want to see it handed off to a bunch of people bent on killing everyone.

The Democratic party has employed the fakes in the media to report on news that does not exist and provide a false reality of what is happening in the world. The media wants the people of America to think that no one cares about the country and that the dream is broken.

That cannot be further from the truth. The American dream is alive and stronger today than ever before. In the past one hundred years alone history has been rewritten in an attempt to make people think that the United States is just all about oppression and making lives miserable.

Of course, the crazy Democrats want everyone to think that it is the Republicans fault for all the bad that is happening in the world.

The story that the Democrats want people to believe centers around people believing that every war America has been in was started by the United States. They want people believing that the atrocities of the past never happened.

They want people to think that the rich in America somehow wrong from the poor at night and that is how they got their wealth. The Democrats want people to bow at their feet as they set themselves up as lords over the people.

They are the new dictators of the world. Already the fighting in the Democratic party has begun. Once they have destroyed America they will turn on each other. They will fight and murder each other until there is only one left to rule the world.

This is the future of the Democratic Party. This is the vision that they see for America. They have failed to act to secure the borders which prove they want illegal aliens running the country.

They fight against the preservation of life, so they want everyone that opposes them dead. They claim they want healthcare for everyone as long as they can dictate which compliant people get the care they need and which people get the death penalty.

This kind of America is beginning in some areas. Parts of the cities that are not safe for even cops to patrol because the people kill them on sight. Not to mention racially segregated cities and neighborhoods.

The racist Democratic party wants people to believe that there is more than one race on the earth. There is only one race and that is the human race.

But the Democrats want people to believe that one race of humans is better than the next, so they can continue to use the oppressed to gain the power and authority they seek for themselves.

The Democrats hate America so much that they do not want to support the troops that are fighting for the freedoms that many people enjoy every day. They want to play hardball and keep the President from making America great.

They want to stop him at every turn. They want to find some kind of crime that he is guilty of, so they can hang it over his head forever.

The problem is that there are people that are seeing through their hatred. They are standing against them like President Trump does every single day.

America is a nation built on grace and hope. It is a country where people can come legally and find freedom like they never have had before.