The vile demonic Democrats have stepped to an all-time low with threatening a little girl. Ava Martinez, who is the 8-year-old talented young lady, has had to stop impersonating Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez because she has been receiving death threats and death phone calls. Martinez has made several funny videos impersonating the child killer Ocasio-Cortez.

She has brought laughter and fun to many people that follow her work. She is a talented young lady that has a bright future. But for some reason, the AOC is trying to kill her and Martinez’s family.

Martinez’s parents have taken down all the content related to the impersonations. They want to keep their little girl safe from people that are out to kill anyone that stands in their rise to power.

The AOC is a socialist based group of people that will stop at nothing from silencing all opposition from people that do not agree with them. The AOC has defied the Republicans and the demonic Democrats on more than one occasion. It is clear they are becoming the new national threat to the United States.

The Democrats and the AOC are both groups of leftist terrorists that need to be placed into prison. Under normal circumstances, these kinds of threats would be taken very seriously by law enforcement.

The person behind the threats would normally be arrested and tried for death threats. It is time for Ocasio-Cortez to be arrested and put in prison for condoning this kind of behavior.

She has already threatened border patrol and now she is going after children of the very country that she represents. She has proven that she is not for America. She is for herself.

Martinez’s stepdad has stated, “The Left’s Harassment and death threats have gone too far for our family. We have been getting calls on our personal phone numbers. For our safety and for our child’s safety, we deleted all Mini AOC accounts.”

This is sad to the point that an American citizen has lost her right to free speech from a bunch of hateful leftists that want to take that right away from people that do not agree with them.

The AOC and their followers are a bunch of whiny babies. They have to threaten to kill a little girl and her family because they are impersonating one of their own. Impersonations happen all the time of political figures.

The AOC has never gone after one of those organizations or people. They are bullying a little child because she found something to do that was funny. The AOC and their whacked out followers are cowards and refuse to follow their own beliefs.

They don’t want people making fun of them, but they sure make fun of and are violent towards other people.

It’s a group full of hypocrites and anti-American people. They cannot stand to see a child calling them out for fakes and frauds they really are. If a child can see through their lies, then so is the rest of the country.

The AOC has gone too far in recent months and will pay the price for their stupidity. They will lose at the ballot box, and they will lose everything because they have threatened a little girl. Ocasio-Cortez’s time in politics is over. S

he will lose and be sent home with her tail between her legs like a defeated dog.

President Trump should have Ava brought to the White House as a national hero for seeing through the frauds of the AOC. Her videos and talent brought a whole new joy and laughter to political cartoons that has been lacking for many years.

The demonic Democrats and the pool of barf called the AOC needs to take a new direction right out of the country. If they do not like it in America, then there is the door and do not ever come back.

America is a place that allows for the expression of a person’s thoughts through word and action. Ava has every right to make any video she wants to about a political figure.

But she has been sadly silenced by a rogue group of terrorists called the AOC that is being backed by the Democrats.