Ever since the Green New Deal, a product of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s feverous imagination, it seems that Democrats have been after our cheeseburgers.

The idea is that cattle belch a lot of methane. Methane is a greenhouse gas. Greenhouse gasses cause climate change. Therefore, everyone should stop eating meat and drinking milk, in effect become vegans to save the environment.

Progressives also hate “factory farms” as being cruel to livestock. They also, nanny state people that they are, think that steaks and milkshakes are bad for you and therefore should be either forbidden or else highly taxed.

Since most of the Democrats, such as Bernie Sanders with his Medicare for All scheme, want to nationalize health insurance the imposition of lifestyle changes to encourage what they consider healthy eating naturally follows.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont, for example, has proposed a “meat tax,” that is supposed to combat climate change.

According to Townhall, a woman in Myrtle Beach. South Carolina asked him, “So as you probably know animal agriculture is to blame for the majority of climate change and is the leading cause of deforestation water and air pollution and biodiversity loss with that being known what do you plan on doing to ensure that Americans limit their consumption of animal products?”

She added that Germany has imposed a “meat tax” to control the consumption of animal flesh. Sanders answered that he agreed with the woman’s desire to tackle agriculture as an area to combat climate change, including presumably taxing meat.

Sen Kamala Harris, D-California, has also rolled out a proposal to use the tax code to discourage people from eating meat. She made this proposal at the now infamous seven-hour long climate change townhall.

According to the Independent Journal Review, Andrew Yang took up the idea of taxing meat to stop people from eating so much of it.

At the recent Climate Forum sponsored by MSNBC, Yang stated that cattle production is “energy-intensive” and that cattle are natural polluters. So, he got behind a meat tax so that, “you would end up changing consumption patterns over time.”

This past weekend, Democrats in Iowa attended the annual Polk County Steak Fry that took place in Des Moines. CBS News noted that Sen Corey Booker is the only non-meat eater of the Democratic presidential candidates.

However, along with the 10,500 steak burgers that were fried at the event, 1,000 veggie burgers were also cooked to accommodate people like Booker who eschew the consumption of animal flesh.

Along with the free food, the attendees were treated to oratory from the candidates. The people running for the chance to face President Donald Trump next year expounded on a variety of subjects but apparently did not touch upon the idea of taxing meat or the evils of eating beef.

According to the Washington Examiner, the Iowa Republican Party could not help noting the irony of Democrats expounding on the evils of meat and then rushing off to chow down on steak burgers. The statement made judicious use of the pun.

The Iowa GOP said in a statement that the “2020 candidates have turned themselves into a laughing stock with their outrageous ‘misteaks’ and out-of-touch proposals.”

“The Steak Fry will be a great opportunity for caucus-goers to grill 2020 Democrats on their extreme policies that would limit Iowans’ freedoms and liberties,” said Jeff Kaufmann, chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa, in a press statement.

He added, “As they continue butchering their positions, it’s clear the Democratic agenda would steer us in the wrong direction.”

The kerfuffle overtaxing or banning meat represents a strange new turn in politics, according to some pundits. Usually, a politician will solicit votes by promising to give the voters things, like jobs, higher wages, and perhaps an end to the foreign wars that the other side is alleged to have started.

The modern Democratic Party is running on the proposition that if elected they will take things away from voters, private automobiles, plane travel, and, of course, burgers and steaks. The 2020 election will be a test for whether or not that strategy is effective or not.