Hunter Biden’s almost being talked about as much as his dad, former VP Joe Biden. The whole thing that started everything is that Hunter Biden worked for a Ukrainian company that was being investigated.

Joe Biden withheld aide to the then-Ukrainian president in exchange for having the prosecutor fired. Trump looked into it, and, now, Trump’s being threatened with impeachment for interfering with a presidential election since Biden is a political rival.

However, there may be more information out there about the Biden family than many first realized.

Michael Pillsbury recently came forward that he received information regarding the business activities of Hunter Biden while visiting Beijing. The informal White House advisor was in the city at the same time Trump was, urging China to probe Joe Biden’s son.

Pillsbury explained to the Financial Times that a significant amount of information was received on Hunter Biden from the Chinese.

Trump has been heavily criticized in the past week because of publicly urging China to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden. This is viewed as a similar request to Ukraine in July, which sparked the impeachment inquiry from the Democrats.

The Democrats don’t want to talk about the fact that Hunter Biden may actually be guilty. The Democrats also don’t want to talk about the fact that Joe Biden probably hid information in order to protect his son.

They also don’t want to investigate anything about Joe Biden because he is the political rival of Trump – and they are expecting Biden to get the DNC nomination. If they were to actively investigate Biden, they may have to do something about the information that they find – including preventing him from getting the DNC nomination. If that were to happen, the Democrats might have to suffer another four years of Donald Trump.

For them, it’s easier to point the finger back at Trump, telling him that he has no right to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden.

With a Trump advisor talking about receiving information about Hunter Biden, it begs the question – exactly who is Hunter Biden and what has he been doing? The Democrats continue to avoid the topic.

Pillsbury has not revealed what information was given to him from the Chinese are about Hunter Biden. However, his comments have identified that he raised the issue during his visit to China.

It’s hard to know what Pillsbury knows, however, because he has been contradicting himself. Although he told Financial Times about being given quite a background on Hunter Biden, he denied those comments on C-Span and even being interviewed by the newspaper.

Pillsbury has been the head of Chinese strategy at the Hudson Institute, which is based in Washington.

Demetri Sevastopulo, the reporter with Financial Times, was so surprised to hear about Pillsbury denying the conversation about the Chinese to C-SPAN that he actually took a screenshot of the email exchange where Pillsbury is quoted to say that he received background on Hunter Biden.

Trump has been looking to receive more information about the business dealings of Hunter Biden as well as improprieties of his father, who is a current political rival for the 2020 presidential election. It is already questionable what Hunter Biden has been involved in Ukraine. Now, Trump wants to know about what the former VP son has been doing in China.

Hunter Biden seems to have his hands in a lot of questionable activity. Trump has accused Hunter Biden of a $1.5 billion scam via a private equity fund. He’s also alleging that China allowed the activity to happen for a “sweetheart deal” with the Obama administration on trade.

Pillsbury has also identified that he broached the topic on the Bidens with Beijing officials on his own. He made it clear to C-SPAN that Trump did not tell him to bring up the topic to them.

Many of the Dems are trying to make this into a bigger issue – and trying to draw attention to Trump as opposed to dealing with the actual issues. If Joe Biden and his son are engaging in illegal activities foreign powers, the United States has the right to know. However, the Democrats want to use this as a way to say that Trump is investigating a “political opponent” – which has led to the House Democrats launching an impeachment inquiry.

Trump has also come out by saying that if China wants to look into Hunter Biden, he’s happy to accept the help.

The stories of the Biden family keep coming. Although there’s clearly dirt to be shared on Hunter and Joe Biden, the Dems continue to see right past it all.