Articulation is an art and like many art forms, it can be applied using a variety of styles. While President Trump may not be a master at the verbiage stroke, his painting of Pelosi was a masterpiece.

Using techniques you might call phrasing and timing, Trump did a masterful job articulating his pseudo-support of Pelosi. Also, he managed to challenge the entire democratic party and question their loyalty of country.

All of that in just a few sweeping strokes. In fact, the President may have even surprised himself with the final results.

Just a few short days ago, it looked like there was potential for a hailstorm, one that the President’s team may have had to brace for. Now it looks like the winds have shifted as the President painted an entirely different landscape.

The words that stirred these winds were those of the President when he tweeted, “So interesting to see ‘Progressive’ Democrat Congresswomen, who originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe, the worst, most corrupt and inept anywhere in the world (if they even have a functioning government at all), now loudly … and viciously telling the people of the United States, the greatest and most powerful nation on earth, how our government is to be run.”

Okay, that is pointed for sure. It is definitely cross in its tone but racist? Here is something else to consider as well, which will play a part momentarily, and that is the obvious backlash.

There is no way the President didn’t know this would ruffle some feathers. In fact, it almost was certainly an effort to do so. Think about that for a minute…

While these events have been talked about, labeled as racist and have been the center of many conversations, this was only the symposium, the backdrop, the opening act for President Trump’s finale.

In two more truly genius strokes the President trolled the entire Democratic party while torching his arch-nemesis Nancy Pelosi.

The first of those two strokes sounded like condemnation and shame as Trump tweeted: “So sad to see the Democrats sticking up for people who speak so badly of our Country and who, in addition, hate Israel with a true and unbridled passion.”

This stroke painted the Dems exactly in the way the President wants them headed into the 2020 campaign, as those who may not align and support our American values. Then, finishing that tweet, he wrote, “Whenever confronted, they call their adversaries, including Nancy Pelosi, ‘RACIST.’”

That subtle but ingenious jab was hinting at an earlier rift and exchange between Pelosi and Congresswoman Cortez. Now, there is in-fighting among the Democrats which makes Pelosi less of an obstacle to the President’s agenda.

A day after these fire-starting tweets, the President actually defended Pelosi against Cortez, which had to be the most stinging endorsement ever for Ms. Pelosi. Articulate? The President did that and then some.

According to one story from the American Thinker, the writer suggested that this was planned by Trump the entire time. The anti-American image, the Democratic interparty fighting and stirring the angst between leaders Pelosi and Cortez. Could all of this be part of his masterplan?

I thought that sounded a bit too hard to believe, then I remembered what I said earlier because he had to know, right? Why else would the President say such inciting things… why else indeed. Now these comments, in what almost appears to be an inside joke made by the President for his own personal pleasure, could result in considerable political gains.

He has the Democrats fighting among themselves, weakened an already chaotic party, and the icing on the cake may be that one Nancy Pelosi has ended up as the punchline (both literally and figuratively) to Trump’s comments regarding a few select members of the Congress.

Not bad for a man who has been accused of being less-than articulate and not quite as savvy a speaker as the Presidents before him.

Articulation is an art, like the way you might tell a joke. In this case, you almost have to laugh.

That is, of course, unless you are the butt of the joke. Planned or not, well said Mr. President, well said.