The mainstream media says that Christians in America are furious with President Donald Trump’s shortcomings. Faithful Americans are ready for an alternative to the most pro-life, pro-Christian president since Calvin Coolidge, according to the narrative.

And the media has just the candidate who it believes can peel off evangelical voters: Saint Buttigieg. We’re all used to seeing media bias when it comes to reporting, but the coverage of Buttigieg borders on media adoration.

Check out the Associated Press coverage of a Buttigieg rally:

“The question was about climate change. The answer soon turned to the Bible. And Pete Buttigieg knew the verses.”

The AP says the massive crowd of 250 people (ha!) erupted in rapturous applause when Saint Buttigieg started slinging Bible verses and delivering some old-time religion.

Like this:

“There’s a lot about the stewardship of creation that is in Scripture that I don’t see being honored by the administration right now.” 

Wow! Amen, Saint Buttigieg! Way to preach some “verses” from “the Bible,” Mr. Super-Religious Democrat. Reporters are always able to write drivel like this about phony Democrat Christians because – just like Pete Buttigieg – they’ve never actually read the Bible and have no idea what it says.

The AP goes on to quote a pastor, the Reverend Elizabeth Bell, in describing how evangelicals are all ready to abandon Donald Trump. Hey, does the Bible say anything about living a gay lifestyle or lady preachers? Asking for a friend.

Corey Booker and Beto O’Rourke have a different gimmick for their campaigns. They both speak in broken Spanish to try to pander for the illegal alien vote. Saint Buttigieg’s gimmick is to pretend to be a holy man in hopes of duping Christians into voting for him.

Part of the reason why the evangelical vote skewed so heavily for Donald Trump in 2016 was because Christians were so fed up with politicians pandering for our votes, only to see them turn around and persecute Christians after they’re elected.

Like most other demographics, we voted for Trump and hoped for the best – and we were all surprised at the way he has over-delivered on his campaign promises.

Even if Trump didn’t know the Bible verses – and he didn’t – he knew the issues. On the campaign trail, he spoke about the massive numbers of belligerent foreign Muslims being invited into the US, while at the same time it was virtually impossible for persecuted Christians to immigrate here. This was absolutely true.

Does anyone remember the two dozen Iraqi Christians who crossed the US-Mexico border during Barack Obama’s presidency? They were illegal aliens, and Obama used them to show how tough he was when it came to illegal immigration.

Obama stuck the Iraqi Christians, who were parents with their children, in cages for three weeks. Then he stuck them on a plane back to Iraq. American Christians, of course, were outraged at the treatment of those Iraqi Christians.

Unlike every Islamic illegal alien who showed up and requested asylum, and then received taxpayer-funded bus rides to the cities of their choices, Obama held to the strict letter of immigration law when it came to Christians who illegally crossed the southern border.

After Barack Obama began paying signing bonuses and monthly salaries to ISIS in Syria and Iraq (according to the New York Times), a prominent Christian organization went to the administration with a proposal. Christian families in the US were offering to sponsor Iraqi Christians for visas to the US.

That church organization offered to pay for the flights, housing, English translators and all other expenses to ensure a smooth transition of Iraqi Christians into America, without any cost whatsoever to the taxpayers. Secretary of State John Kerry told them there was “No way” the Obama administration would allow Iraq’s Coptic Christians into America, because of their religious beliefs.

American Christians were also horrified by the way the Executive branch expanded Planned Parenthood and opened new abortion clinics on Indian reservations and in remote Alaska Native villages.

That wasn’t the Obama administration, however. That was “compassionate conservative” George W. Bush, the only Republican president to ever increase the number of abortion clinics in the US.

The mainstream media is baffled not only by the fact that American Christians voted in record numbers for a billionaire real estate playboy from New York, but also by the fact that we plan to vote for Donald Trump again in 2020.

We’d rather take a flawed human being who protects America’s founding faith than turn to yet another phony politician like Saint Buttigieg.