There are many types of criminals in the world. Some are driven by greed others are driven by selfishness or some other unsavory impetus. Jeffrey Epstein, however, if the charges are proven true is a different kind of criminal altogether. The kind that is more a monster the merely a bad man.

To steal from someone is criminal. To cause another harm in any scenario outside of self-defense is simply wrong and should be dealt with swiftly and justly. The accusations against Jeffrey Epstein though go beyond criminal.

This most recent story captures the sordid and seedy life Epstein is accused of having. It is yet another account of crimes against him that are more vile than stealing money, possessions or even our identity.

The alleged actions of Jeffrey Epstein have done far worse. They have stolen lives and childhoods. They have evoked sinister words like abuse and sex slavery. These are actions that reveal a character almost less than human.

In our story, the victim Virginia Giuffre details one such occasion when these horrible events took place. According to the report, the accuser then only 16 years old, experienced the scary world of fetish, perversion, and pedophilia created by the billionaire Epstein.

In her own words, the story describes her role as a “sex slave” during one particular “foot massage.” The alleged recipient of this foot massage? That would have been as the story cites Ms. Giuffre, one Mr. Matt Groening. Yes, that Matt Groening of the Simpson’s. The stories, documents, briefs, and evidence pouring out make this story difficult enough to grasp. The alleged connections Epstein had made it almost impossible to believe.

Those connections reach powerful people, influential people, and even people in the highest-ranking levels of government. That would also include current and past presidents!

It is hard to imagine, even with Epstein kind of money, how he survives this. With the amount of reported evidence and all the testimonies alleging these crimes? There is all but certainty that Mr. Epstein is guilty. The real questions are to what extent and whom else was involved.

That leads us back to those alleged connections with Presidents, past and present. It may not be so difficult to imagine that President Trump had a relationship with Epstein, suggesting there was anything more beyond that, however, maybe a stretch.

The President also had a “relationship” with El Chapo but nobody thinks that they were running drugs together. The Democrats were certain that President Trump must have been guilty of tampering with the election because he had a relationship with the Russians. We all know how that turned out, even if some Democrats are still in denial.

The moral of the story here is that guilt by association isn’t evidence of guilt at all. Just try to imagine the scene as Mr. Epstein introduces himself to the President.

“Hello, Mr. President my name is Jeffrey Epstein I like to… ”

Yeah, that’s a tough picture to swallow. It is also fair to say that is very unlikely, highly improbable, and it simply never happened.  Sure, President Trump probably had some type of relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. What that means is just that, nothing less nothing more.

We also can’t be distracted by these far-reaching relationships and many disturbing reports to the fact that these are real lives involved. That these are allegations of abuse against children and abuse of the worst kind.

With all the evidence and all the information coming to light it appears that there will be more shadowy twists and dark turns to this story. We will also likely discover, as the truth will shed light, as it always does that people like the President are innocent and unfortunate to have known a man like this. Aren’t we all?

What we do know is that the voices of these victims need to be heard. And if only half of what she wrote in her manuscript “The Billionaire’s Playboy’s Club” is true, then may justice be served no matter who is responsible.