There’s a lot that can be learned from The Godfather movies. One of the most important lessons, especially when getting ready for battle, is to “take it to the mattresses.” Mark Zuckerberg is preparing to do just that with Elizabeth Warren in order to protect Facebook from being destroyed.

Elizabeth Warren has big plans for Facebook. No, she’s not going to be their next CEO. If she gets into the office of President of the United States, she is planning on breaking up Facebook. Apparently, the social media platform is too powerful for her liking.

The Facebook CEO has already planned to “go to the mat” in order to defend his company. He has already held an open meeting with his employees in July to talk about what could happen with a Warren administration, especially if she decides to follow-through on her threats to unleash antitrust enforcers against Facebook.

Zuckerberg plans to have a legal challenge and win that legal challenge. He was also honest about what it could all mean. “Does that suck for us?” He asked the crowd. “Yeah.” He explains that he doesn’t want to face a major lawsuit from their very own government. He also vows that if someone is going to threaten the company that you go to the mat and fight.

Mark Zuckerberg has always taken an unfiltered approach when it comes to talking to his employees, including his thoughts on breaking up tech companies.

The progressive Democrats who are looking to destroy Silicon Valley as we know it decided to make a quick rebuke to Zuckerberg on Twitter, saying what really “suck” is if they don’t repair a corrupt system and continue to allow giant companies such as Facebook to engage in practices that are illegal and anti-competitive.

The Democrats are still upset because Trump won over Clinton. They want to blame everyone instead of looking at the reality that was a better candidate. They like to point the finger at Facebook for “allowing” a Russian campaign to metal in the 2016 election. Any time the Democrats perceived hostility towards a major candidate, it is going to exasperate the tension between the DNC and Facebook.

Warren has not been shy about explaining how and why she wants to break up Facebook. She calls it a monopoly, too, which has already been proven that it’s not. It’s a social media platform. It’s not a necessity in life and it has plenty of competition, including Snapchat, YouTube, and Twitter. Warren thinks that Facebook has grown too powerful. So, a company that was once rewarded for being innovative is now being threatened with its livelihood.

Millions of businesses use Facebook to be able to advertise to the billions of users. Dozens of presidential candidates are dumping millions of dollars into ad buys throughout 2019, too. If Facebook was the devil that Warren wants to make it out to be, why are so many Democrats feeding the hungry beast? Zuckerberg is right to feel that this is personal. She wants them to be anti-competitive or dismantle them altogether.

Zuckerberg has been out on Capitol Hill on more than one occasion to explain how Facebook privacy works. The biggest problem is that most of the Senators and Representatives aren’t on Facebook. They don’t understand how to use social media, which means they are going to attack the things in which they do not know.

Zuckerberg has also declined to testify in a variety of different situations, including how violent and extremist content appears online as well as disinformation. However, as he has commented before, he is trying to make sure that social media provides freedom of speech. As soon as he tightens the filters too much, it is going to block everyday people from posting everyday things – and this goes against what the company was created to do. If people post information online that is misleading, it is up to those people to determine whether something is valid or not – similar to what they do when they read the news. If people post violent and extreme content online, most are caught by filters. However, he also depends on users to report information – which has been something that he has mentioned on many occasions.

Warren has made a career out of challenging corporate power. She’s a threat to tech moguls and Wall Street executives alike – and Zuckerberg is likely not the only one who is willing to take it to the mats in order to come out on top because Warren’s plans are too progressive for virtually anyone’s likings.