The FBI and law enforcement officers have been under attack by the true enemies of the Democratic Party. They have violently yelled and screamed and falsely accused these heroes of wrongs done that they are actually innocent of.

Over the past few days, the FBI and other agencies spread out all over the country looking for children that have been sold into sex slavery or were kidnaped from their families with the intent of selling them to criminals. Many of these places that the children were found were motel rooms, truck stops, and sex trafficking homes.

There were 168 little kids rescued from the evil clutches of the people that took them. These are the same criminals that come over the borders of the country that the president wants to keep out. But the demonized Democrats want to let them in.

The heroes of the law enforcement agencies found these kids and rescued them from their prisons. The liberal left and the media will want everyone to believe that the police and the FBI somehow mistreated these little kids. But the truth is that they rescued them from a life of sex slavery.

When a child goes missing there is s number of rules that must be followed in order for a search to begin. One of the big rules is that a certain amount of time must elapse before a child can be declared missing.

But new rules are being proposed that would allow the report to be handed to law enforcement quicker so the chances of finding the missing child are greater. Once the child is declared missing they are entered into a missing child database. This database is used by many agencies to find missing children.

Sadly the media and stupid Democrats say they are for the children, but they hate the law enforcement officers that put their lives on the line to bring the kids home. The true heroes of this find are not the lawmakers but the law enforcers that gave of their time to find these missing kids.

When a child is reported missing they are usually found within a few hours and returned home. But sadly there are those that leave their homes to perform their work for the criminals and then return home acting like nothing is going on. These kids are trapped in a secret world that they cannot get out of on their without threats of harm and abuse from their captors.

Most of the time parents do not know what is going on because these deeds take place when they are not around. Parents that do discover the sad truth of the child’s whereabouts need to know that there is hope and help available to them. Their local law enforcement heroes can provide for them the help needed to secure their child and keep the criminals away.

Sex traffickers target vulnerable children. These are kids left to themselves at home or are from foster homes. Joseph Campbell from the FBI’s criminal investigative division has stated that “These pimps really know how to appeal to these kids. A lot of these pimps come from similar backgrounds as well. They can lure them in by providing them care, feeding, attention.”

These morons that take the kids lure them away with fake promises of care and friendship. For kids in their early teen years and late childhood, these things can seem like a breath of fresh air if they do not get them at home.

What usually happens to these children is they are lured into a false friendship and at some point, they are asked to meet up with a group for an outing and what they find is that they are corned and kidnaped by the very ones they learned to trust. The other person is paid off only to start their criminal deeds all over with a new batch of young people.

The true heroes of the nation’s law enforcement agencies do great work to keep people safe. They are not the villains that the media and the liberal left would have the nation to believe they are. They protect the kids of America and take down the very people that would try to harm them.