Increase Net Worth With This Choice


( – Knowing how much you are “worth” is one way to measure your wealth. The college you go to won’t mean anything if you don’t pay off your debts or get a decent job. Simply put, your spending habits compared with your income is the end-all-be-all when it comes to determining how rich you […]

Simple Money Saving Tips

You Can Save Money When...

( – Imagine if you had extra cash left over at the end of the month and all the bills were paid. Even a few extra dollars can seem like a lot if you’ve been struggling to make ends meet. No matter what your financial situation you can decide to start saving money, right now. […]

No Will? Here’s What Happens

If You Die Without a Valid Will, Your Estate Will Be Settled By…

( – Six out of 10 Americans don’t have a will. Are you one of them? In the event a person dies without a will, a state judge will appoint an administrator to handle the estate. Having a will reduces speculation and provides clear and precise guidance on how the deceased person would have wanted […]

How to Hack Proof Your Passwords

How to Hack Proof Your Passwords

( – If the last 24 months brought nothing else, it offered the stark realization that Americans are quite vulnerable when it comes to their digital security. People who are careless with their digital security are far more likely to be victims of identity theft, fraud, and financial losses. One of the most important steps […]

How Much Social Security Can You Count On?

Exactly How Much Social Security Can You Count On

( When it comes to retirement, one thing on most people’s mind is how much Social Security they’ll get when they finally get to stop working. The main factor in determining this value is the overall wages earned in a lifetime, starting back from when wages were first taken from your paycheck. Here are a […]

Tips That Cut Your Grocery Bill

Tips That Cut Your Grocery Bill

( – Meal planning has proven itself to be one of the best ways for families to save money on groceries. Hitting the grocery store with a carefully planned list makes it easier to grab only what is needed without wasting extra money on junk food and unnecessary odds and ends. Assessing what’s already in […]

Prevent Travel Theft Risks

Prevent Travel Theft Risks

( – Theft is prevalent in every corner of the world. This is even more true in popular travel destinations, where local criminals are more than happy to take advantage of someone enjoying time away. That’s a topic far too few people consider before heading out on vacation. Yet, the last thing anyone wants to […]

Help! Someone Stole My Identity!

How to Hack-Proof Your Passwords

( – Identity theft totally sucks, period. If your identity has been stolen, the Federal Trade Commission says you should call them at 1-877-438-4338 or use their website at to file an official report. Read on for additional steps to limit the damage and recover your losses: Review ALL Account Statements Look for any […]

Outside the Box Thinking Saves Money

( – Sometimes what everyone else is doing simply isn’t good enough. For those with serious financial goals to accomplish, saving more money might require thinking outside the box. These are financial tips for those who are already switching to LED, clipping coupons, carpooling to work and making car improvements to save on gas. The […]

Estate Taxes on an Inheritance

My Heirs Won't Pay Estate Taxes if My Estate is Less Than _____?

( – If you plan to leave a significant amount of assets to beneficiaries after you pass on, estate planning is something you’ll want to think about sooner rather than later. Speaking with a qualified professional can help ensure that you take all of the necessary financial steps to reduce or eliminate the amount that’s taxed […]

Can I Really Afford That?

How Do You Know if You Really Can Afford Something?

( – We all see extras we’d like to buy from time to time, but bills and other financial obligations simply have to come first. While it’s not necessary to ignore every “want” on the list, it’s important to know it’s affordable. But how? The best way is to start a dedicated savings plan specifically […]

Imagine Retiring on a Cruise Ship

How Much Does It Cost to Retire on a Cruise Ship?

( – Been spending time thinking about retirement? Even if everything’s all planned out, there’s always something new or different that you hear someone else doing, rather than settling for staying at home or moving to a retirement community. One such option is retiring on a cruise ship. And why not, when you can cruise […]

Don’t Miss These Tax Break Extensions

Tax Break Extensions You May Have Missed Over The Holidays

( – Preparing to finish up your taxes? Don’t forget about the very important, yet often unnoticed, legislation signed into law by President Trump. The law is the Taxpayer Certainty and Disaster Tax Relief Act of 2019 and it extends and resurrects a lot of popular tax breaks for both individuals and businesses. Here is […]

5 Often Overlooked Tax Exemptions

Which Type of Account Saves Pre-Tax Dollars?

( – When it comes to tax time, everyone wants to get the most out of their return by minimizing what they owe. Most people get some type of refund, depending on their financial circumstances. Claiming all possible deductions ensures the taxpayer’s money is actually working for them. Check out these five overlooked tax breaks. […]

Can Medicaid Really Seize Your Assets?

How Far Back Can Medicaid Go to Seize Assets to Pay for Long Term Care?

( – Advances in medicine means people are living longer, but it’s also leading to the need for long term care. Even the best insurance only covers limited hospitalization and recovery periods. A major health event requiring long term care can trigger a series of events that can wipe a person out financially. To protect […]

Simple Ways to Reduce Your Grocery Bill…

How Can You Save The Most Money on Groceries Each Month?

( – A big expense in your monthly budget is likely your grocery bill. Whether you feed a family of five or it’s just two of you, some meals can be expensive to put together. One of the best ways to slash your grocery expenses is to shop at particular stores at specific times. With […]

Is Coffee Holding You Back?

( – The key to financial success? Stop wasting money on pedicures and $4 lattes. At least that’s what many popular personal finance gurus would have the world believe. How much weight does this line of thinking hold? Do a few, small personal sacrifices really pave the road to financial security? Check the Math While […]

What You Can Give Away Yet Avoid the Gift Tax


Many people choose to gift assets to members of their family (or even friends and partners) over the course of their lifetime. Usually, this is part of their financial planning efforts. While it can be a great way to distribute wealth and avoid paying estate taxes, especially after death, it’s important to be aware of […]

4 Medical Expenses You Can’t Deduct

( – Most Americans received an extension on tax filing times as a result of coronavirus. That new deadline is swiftly approaching. People who receive significant medical care throughout the year, but have yet to file, can and should take advantage of the many deductions available to reduce the amount they owe. There are several […]

Beware This Major Telephone Scam

The Only Time It’s OK To Give Out Personal Financial Information Over The Phone Is When…

( –  Calls from sophisticated scam artists often appear to come from a legitimate bank on Caller ID. The caller might even seem to have access to private financial data, such as banking account numbers, home addresses, employment status, maiden names, or the individual’s date of birth. But that doesn’t mean you should trust them. […]

Are There Hidden Fees in Your Medical Bills?

Why You Need to Read Your Medical Bills

( – No matter how often someone visits the doctor one thing’s for certain: medical bills will appear. Instead of tossing them on the counter or in the recycling bin, take time to really review them. If there’s a charge that doesn’t add up or balances weren’t picked up by the insurance company, don’t panic. […]

Fastest-Growing Source of Personal Debt

Fastest-Growing Source of Personal Debt

( – Personal loans became the fastest growing debt in the United States last year. It grew to $305 billion in the first half of the year, and it outpaced the growth of credit card debt by double. YouTube’s “MoneyCoach” channel explains the intricacies of personal loans: If you’re considering a personal loan, you should […]

Why Downsize for Retirement?

Why Downsize for Retirement?

( – Attitudes about home size evolve with age according to a 2017 Trulia survey on house size. While many millennials are wishing for more square footage, 36% of Baby Boomers are thinking about downsizing. The idea of a smaller home isn’t just about feeling cozier. When retirement rolls around, downsizing can help cut back […]

Pros and Cons of Claiming Social Security Early

( – When’s the best time to start receiving your Social Security? The full retirement age, depending on when you were born, is between 65 and  67 years old. However, Americans can retire as early as 62 and still receive benefits. Filing for your benefits early does come with some pros and cons. Here’s the […]

Naming Someone as Your Power of Attorney

What is the Greatest Risk of Giving Someone a [General] Power of Attorney?

( – After a lifetime of managing your own affairs, giving someone Power of Attorney can be terrifying — and rightly so, since it comes with a  great deal of risk. One way to limit the risk is to choose the Power of Attorney that only gives as much authority as is absolutely necessary. General […]

Car Purchasing: Cash Is Always King!

Which Car Purchase Is Most Likely to Cost the Least?

( – Got your eye on the latest sports car? Or maybe a half-ton pickup is more to your liking. Whether it’s a new car or a pre-owned model, you want to spend the least amount of money possible while still getting exactly what you want. To do that, remember this — cash is king. […]

Have You Overlooked This Major Tax Break?

Tax Breaks Americans Overlook

( – Every year, millions of U.S. residents look forward to their tax refunds. Unfortunately, many of them aren’t receiving all of the money they deserve because they fail to claim their earned income tax credit (EITC). The EITC is a credit available to people who make low to moderate incomes. The IRS explains: The […]

Top 5 Retirement Locations in the US

( – The culmination of your career can be an exciting time. You’re looking forward to retirement and focusing on everything you love or even just a bit of relaxation. You might even be considering a move — to be closer to family, in a sunny location, or even just in a favorite city or […]

Helpful Tax Deductions for Seniors

Which Type of Account Saves Pre-Tax Dollars?

( – Sometimes seniors miss out on viable tax deductions that might help save them money or increase the value of their annual return. The most common applied deduction is the standard deduction, which nearly doubled for 2019. This year, singles can claim $12,000 in the standard deduction while married couples filing jointly can claim […]

Nutritional Meals That Are Budget-Friendly

What Meal Gets You the Most Nutrition for Least Amount of Money?

( – When planning meals for one or a family of 10, it’s important to provide good, solid nutrition while staying within the budget. Penny for penny and pound for pound, a solid meal of beans and rice can do both. Keep reading to find out how. Beans and Rice for Nutrition While pinto or […]


Who's Making Real Money Online?

Who’s Making Real Money Online?

All Kinds of People Are Making Money Online — Why Not You? Working online from home is a concept that appeals to a lot of...

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