Creating A Dollar Tree Holiday Meal (Yes, You Can!)

(FinancialHealth) – Preparing a holiday meal (any holiday meal) can be pretty costly. As a matter of fact, the Farm Bureau estimates the average feast for 10 costs about $50, while Lending Tree estimated the average for food alone to be around $230. A lot of families are struggling right now, making it tough to […]

Feeding A Family For $10 A Week

(FinancialHealth) – Grocery prices are on the rise. Rising food costs and the instability of employment have left a lot of Americans wondering how they’re going to put their next meal on the table. While there are a lot of assistance programs, food banks, and pantries in local municipalities, some shoppers have taken extreme measures […]

Aldi Store Near You? Check Out These 10 Secrets

( – Love shopping at ALDI? It certainly has a bit of a cult following. While the store is known for its incredibly competitive prices, there are some savvy shoppers out there sharing their tips for getting the best bang for your buck. The Deal Guy, a YouTube favorite, has a few secrets to share. […]

5 Apps You Can Use to Get Paid for Regular Spending

( – Some of us love to shop so much we see it as a fun hobby — others of us, not so much. But the one thing we all have in common is that there are some things we just have to shop for whether we want to or not. Since this is the […]

Overcoming Those Savings Hurdles

Even among full-time employees, pay can vary greatly from pay period to pay period. Hourly employees, for example, could work as few as 30 hours and still be considered full-time. A sales representative might work on commission, with their take-home pay depending heavily on how they perform each week. Variable income presents a challenge when […]

Should You Leave Your Grandkids an Inheritance or Pay Off Their Student Loan Debt?

Should You Leave Your Grandkids an Inheritance or Pay Off Their Student Loan Debt?

( – Managing how to disperse the final expenses of a life insurance policy and other assets is a very important financial task. But that doesn’t mean it should be complicated. If the heir is a grandchild, it’s important to take a look at their existing financial lifestyle. Are they straddled with a lot of […]

What Is a SIMPLE Retirement Plan?

What Is a SIMPLE Retirement Plan?

( – When it comes to retirement savings, getting the most out of your hard-earned money is something to strive for. This starts with signing up for an account that takes the guesswork out of investing. A SIMPLE IRA does just that, especially if you work for a small business. Here’s why. What Exactly Is […]

This Site Helps Save on Prescriptions

This Site Helps Save on Prescriptions

Doug Hirsch, the co-founder of GoodRX, wants Americans to stay healthy without going bankrupt, he recently told CNBC. With the rising costs of prescription drugs, inexpensive options are more important than ever. Founded in 2011, GoodRX connects consumers with discounts, coupons and resources for cost comparisons of prescription drugs. Since inception, the company says it […]

What Can You Learn From a Home Energy Audit?

Homeless: Could the Number Spike Soon?

Utility bills consume a great deal of the average household budget. Some people pay their bills diligently every month without wondering about rates and savings, but many would like to find ways to cut those costs. One way to see exactly where the money goes is to conduct a home energy audit (HEA). Let’s look […]

When Is the Best Time to Evaluate Your Retirement Situation?

When Is the Best Time to Evaluate Your Retirement Situation?

( – By the time they retire, most people hope to have their mortgages paid off and enough money flowing in to pay the bills and then some. But life happens and there are several scenarios that could trigger a change in plans along the way. Five years before retirement is a good rule of […]

Don’t Hire a Financial Advisor Without Reading This

Don't Hire a Financial Advisor Without Reading This

With financial security on the line, hiring a financial advisor is a smart move. This professional plays an important role in helping you to meet long-term financial goals, such as preparing for retirement or saving for secondary education for kids and grandkids. Choosing the wrong person, however, could negatively affect the future of your savings […]

Benefits of Giving a 529 Educational Trust to a Grandchild

It isn’t uncommon for grandparents to make preparing for their grandkid’s futures a part of their financial planning, especially once their own retirement goals are met. There are many ways to help grandchildren out financially, from paying for music lessons to purchasing new clothes and shoes before the new school year. Paying for college, however, […]

What’s the Best Way to Buy a Car On Any Budget?

What’s the Best Car to Buy On Any Budget?

Not everyone who needs a new car has a huge budget or the means to take out a loan. Even if they can, taking out a loan can result in hundreds or thousands of dollars in unnecessary fees. The reality is that paying cash for a car, no matter what the budget range, will always […]

Here’s What You Need to Know About FMLA

The FMLA or Family Medical Leave Act of 1993 is a law that allows employees to have protected time off from work to care for a loved one or themselves. If there is someone in the family that needs care, the parent, spouse or child can take up to 12 weeks per year off work […]

How to Stay Motivated When Financial Setbacks Occur

How to Stay Focused When Financial Setbacks Occur

( – Financial setbacks are bound to occur from time to time. You never know when a medical issue will arise, leaving you out of work for days, weeks, or even months. Other unexpected expenses can come up too, from vehicle repairs to natural disasters. Stress and anxiety often cause these setbacks to spiral our […]

The Best Financial Instrument You Can Have

Why a Savings Account is One of the Best Financial Instruments You Can Have

( – Saving money is not as easy when you simply try to keep some extra cash on hand or even around the house. Rather than holding onto large bills, it’s best if you open a savings account where your money gets safely stored. A savings account is one of the best financial instruments you […]

Make Money Selling Your Vintage Video Games

Vintage Video Games - a Money Maker?

( – If you loved video games in the 1980s, you were considered a geek (and often an outcast). Despite the fact that gaming wasn’t publicly popular back then, under the surface, a storm was brewing. Nintendo’s quick rise to popularity resulted in an ultra-fast collector’s industry and an entire generation of gamers. Today, just […]

Are You Saving Too Much?

( – Savings accounts are a fundamental part of any solid personal financial plan, but it is possible to put too much in them. Most of us don’t have to worry too much about that, but every now and then we may get lump sums of money and be tempted to put them in savings, […]

How to Get Your Partner to Stick to a Budget

How to Get a Partner to Stick to a Budget

It’s common for partners to have different ideas about money and household budget issues. Disagreements about how money is spent can lead to serious financial woes. Whether a couple is saving for retirement or to pay off debt, these tips can help them motivate each other and encourage a partner who has money issues to […]

7 Unexpected and Costly Life Expenses

7 Unexpected and Costly Life Expenses

Life has a way of throwing us curve balls. Just when we think we have everything under control (especially our finances), something crops up and demands more of our money than we have. This is exactly why a lot of Americans take out costly credit cards and loans, despite being taught surviving off credit is […]

Is Your Grocery Bill Killing Your Budget?

According to USA Today, the average household in America is spending $4,049 on groceries each year, according to USA Today. This number doesn’t include the $3,154 spent on food eaten outside of the home, in restaurants or picked up in a drive-through line. Groceries are an unavoidable expense and rising food prices can make it […]

Senior Abuse… Rising in Epic Proportions

Senior Abuse is Rising in Epic Proportions

( – Concerned about being financially abused as a senior? You’re not alone. The fact is that financial senior abuse is on the rise and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Even the trend towards digital cash over cash-in-hand hasn’t stemmed the flow; in some ways, it’s actually caused it to become worse. Seniors […]

Most Flexible Retirement Account

This is the Most Flexible Retirement Account

( – When it comes to saving for retirement, 401(k) accounts are among the most popular options available. These plans offer employees the opportunity to put a portion of their earnings aside, tax-free, to invest in a variety of mutual funds until they reach retirement age. These retirement accounts are also known for their flexibility. […]

Tips That Can Save On Gas

Which of These Tips Can Save On Gas?

( – If you cringe every time you stop at the gas pump, you aren’t alone. In fact, that may be one of the few things just about every American can agree on. No worries though, we’ve got a few “gas hacks” that can help you out. Get a Gas Price App Gas prices are […]

Why Set Up a Trust Before Retirement

Why Set Up a Trust Before Retirement

( – When is a good time to set up a trust? After retirement might seem like the obvious answer, but there are plenty of reasons to set one up earlier than that. Trusts aren’t just about the distribution of assets at the time of the grantor’s, or owner’s, death. The truth is, a trust […]

Retirement Accounts: 403(b) vs 401(k)

403(b) versus 401(k) Retirement Accounts: Which is Better?

( – 401(k) and 403(b) accounts are both retirement savings options offered by employers. Since both types are tax-deferred, a set amount of money can be contributed to these accounts and excluded from taxable income. Although 401(k) and 403(b) retirement accounts have a lot in common, there are a few characteristics that set them apart […]

Probate Nightmares Simplified

Probate Nightmares Simplified

( – Nobody wants to think about what’ll happen to their family after they die. It’s vital that they plan for it, though, and spare their loved ones the headaches that result from a messy probate. Here are some steps you can take now to make it easier for your family later: Write a current […]

“Changing” How to Save for the Future

A New Type of Savings Account Changes Everything

( – Even with the best intentions, the day-to-day expenses of mortgage payments, groceries and healthcare can make saving for emergencies or retirement feel nearly impossible. Acorns is a new type of savings account app that could change everything. The idea behind this app and others like it is that their automatic round-up feature can […]

3 Clues You Need to Change Your Withholdings

3 Clues You Need to Change Your Withholdings

( – Whether you’re waiting on a refund, breaking even or scraping together funds to cover owed taxes, preparing for next tax season may be on your mind. The money employers take out of checks each pay period is simply a best guess at what an employee is responsible to pay the state and federal […]

Make Your Charitable Donation Count

Make Your Charitable Donation Count

( – Do you have a favorite charity you would like to give to? It can be rewarding to help a specific cause and it can also give you a bit of a tax write-off too. One problem is that you can’t always be sure where your money is going. Scammers run elaborate schemes to […]


Who's Making Real Money Online?

Who’s Making Real Money Online?

All Kinds of People Are Making Money Online — Why Not You? Working online from home is a concept that appeals to a lot of...

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