5 Best Ways To Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

How to Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

(FinancialHealth.net) – Identity theft is #9 in the active threats list. Protect yourself by putting a solid plan in place. People can easily steal your identity online, at the store, or anywhere personal information gets used. There are methods you can use to protect yourself from this type of theft so you do not become a victim.

1. Keep Your Credit Card Hidden When in Use

When you use a credit card at a store, be sure to keep it hidden. Cup your hand over the card and over the keypad when you are entering your passcode. This helps to shield others from seeing what you are entering, or seeing the card number on your card.

2. Change Passwords Frequently

You may have used the same password on your accounts and cards for years, as it is easiest to remember. Keeping the same passcode is actually frowned upon, as it makes it easier for others to hack multiple accounts. Change your passwords frequently to avoid this problem. It’s important to make the password something you can remember, but also not easily guessable.

3. Secure Your Personal Documents

Copies of your birth certificate, ID, and social security number are important to have, but they are also dangerous to keep. Be sure to keep all personal documents of this nature secure. Keep them locked in a safe when you do not have to use them, and only take them out when it is truly necessary.

4. Keep Your Mobile Device Nearby

Mobile devices are everywhere. Many people use them to store important information, and even make online purchases. Someone could easily take your phone and get into your search history to find bank information, recent purchases, and more. Use the “lock” function on your phone so it requires a password to access it. And, of course, don’t leave your phone laying around in a public place. Keep your mobile device nearby at all times to ensure it never gets taken.

5. Check Your Credit Report

Some people are unaware that they can check their credit report for free. You can get a yearly copy of your report to see if the information inside is accurate or discover if false details are included. Lines of credit you do not recognize should get reported immediately. You can request a freeze on your report if you do notice suspicious activity, stopping identity thieves from opening any further credit lines in your name.

Identity theft is a major threat with so many online hackers and information everywhere. Learn to protect your identity and keep yourself safe from this type of crime, and avoid fraud in your name.

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