President Trump is taking the election results to the cleaners as he challenges the apparent fraud that filled the Biden vote basket. It was evident to every single viewer on election night that something was wrong as several states shut down because President Trump was taking a massive lead. The issue is that while the country slept, the Democrats brought in their fake ballots and snuck them into the final count.

The president knew that something was wrong, and he went on the defense of the American people. In several northern states, he filed lawsuits that claim the election was rigged and was not fair. In several other states, he demanded a recount. And that is where the fun comes to play.

Georgia election officials are crying that the process was indeed fair and safe. But as the recount started to unfold, it was evident that there were issues. One issue that stands at the front of the line is the deliberate miss by one election official of a flash drive with thousands of votes left in one of the machines.

This led to the president picking up thousands of votes. And now it seems that other issues are beginning to surface. One Republican National Committee monitor has come forward claiming that he has seen a counting machine rigged in such a way that was pushing votes to Biden that were actually for President Trump.

Thousands upon thousands of votes being given to the loser in Georgia. And the same accusations taking place in Michigan. This is not just a fluke but rather an all-out attack on the integrity of the election. Democrats got to the counting machines and changed the way the counts were to take place.

Hale Soucie is not afraid to be identified as the one that caught the fraud. Soucie stated that “So, the second person was supposed to be checking it, right. So, three times in three minutes she called out Biden. The second auditor caught it and she said, ‘No. This is Trump.’ Now, that’s just while I’m standing there. So, does the second checker catch it every time? But this lady, three times in three minutes, from 2:09 to 2:12, she got three wrong.”

Those ballots need to be run through machines that have not been tampered with to get a correct count. The sad part is that the monitors are supposed to be honestly validating the count and making sure that the votes are tallied the way they are supposed to be. But what some of them are doing is just going through the motions and missing thousands of missed counted ballots.

Soucie stated that he left the counting machine to report on the issues that were taking place. His machine was making mistakes, and the table next to him was doing the exact same thing. The errors were not being caught because no one was paying attention to them. The Republican governor needs to get down to the counting area and see first-hand what is taking place.

Soucie went on to say that “So, I go and report it. They say, ‘Oh, we’ll talk to the [Cobb County] election officials.’ They talk to her. And so I come back by again in a few minutes and she’s not doing it after I’ve talked to her.” They just blew him off.

Most people would have just given up at that point, but he kept at it. The honesty of the count needs to be kept open. He was not concerned about what other monitors thought about him telling the truth.

He maintained his integrity as he would say that “I haven’t done anything wrong. All I’m doing is writing down and observing to tell what happened.” In fact, he was attacked verbally by one person that suckered punched him by saying”  ‘I’m paid by the taxpayer and this f**king a**hole is coming out and watching me.’”

If that other monitor is not going to do their job right, then they need to be fired. The taxpayers are paying the bill, so these monitors better get their act together and do their job right and not follow political lines and cheat. President Trump is going to fight his way through corruption. And it stands to reason that the Supreme Court will get the final say as to which administration takes over in a few months.