Georgia Senate Runoff Election: Don’t Expect Timely Results

There might be a lot of technology involved in modern elections, but apparently not enough to get timely results. Results weren’t immediately known for the presidential election in November. Now, experts are preparing the country for having to wait for the Senate runoff election results in January, too.

Who is going to have the Senate majority? It’s unknown until the election happens on January 5. Nearly two million residents have already voted in Georgia, but many more will wait until Election Day or wait until the last moment to mail in their ballots.

It could take weeks to know the real winner according to election officials. Why? It’s anticipated that the results will go into litigation. It’s just too close of a race, and both parties are desperate to win in order to secure the majority in the Senate.

Trump only lost the state by a small margin of 12,000 votes. This means that the Senate seats could swing in either direction.

Georgia is, for the majority, a red state. The governor is a Republican and so are the two incumbent Senators. There are some Democratic areas, however, including Atlanta, which is run by a Democratic mayor.

Senator David Perdue has finished a six-year term and is up for reelection. He’s up against Jon Ossoff. As far as who is qualified to hold the position, it’s hands down a win for Perdue.

However, there are no rules in terms of who can choose to run – and Ossoff is a 33-year-old documentary filmmaker who has never served in public office. He doesn’t offer much to Americans except that he’s progressive and he’s young.

As for the second seat, Senator Kelly Loeffler went into the position last year after a Senator retired. Governor Brian Kemp appointed her to fill the seat, so now it’s her first election for a full term.

Loeffler’s husband is the chief executive of the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange and identifies herself as being loyal to Trump. She’s up against Raphael Warnock, the pastor of a Black church who takes an extreme and Marxist approach to politics.

Neither Ossoff nor Warnock have held public office. They’re virtually unknown individuals, which is the truly terrifying part.

The reality is that if both of them win over their GOP counterparts, the Democrats will achieve a 50-50 tie in the Senate. This means that they’ll actually hold the majority since Kamala Harris would be the tie-breaking vote in her role as Vice President.

All it takes is for the GOP to win one of the seats in order to maintain the majority. The question is, which candidate is an acceptable Senator? Ossoff only offers a background in investigative journalism. He’s also got quite an impressive following, having raised more money than any Senate candidate in U.S. history.

Warnock is a dangerous possibility. Just as Black Lives Matter is dying down, he’d act as the fuel to bring the fires burning bright all over again. This is a man who has spent his career preaching to Black Americans in Atlanta about Marxist ideals and has a mentor who believes that America won’t be right until every white American gets down on their knees and begs to be black.

Racism is one thing – anti-racism isn’t any better. It’s only turning the tables so that blacks become the supremacists.

So, as people across Georgia rush off to the polls on January 5, the entire country will be watching to see how the votes come in. It will be close for sure. There will be recounts. And possibly more recounts after that.

Georgians need to take a close look at the responsibility that they have to head out to their respective polling stations. They also need to analyze what each of the candidates can offer. A single Senator can hold a significant amount of power – and if the power falls into the wrong hands, it can forever change the United States.