There’s a lot that people don’t know about Jeffrey Epstein. Following the suicide/murder, everyone is learning a lot more about Epstein that he would have rather kept private. It turns out that the sex trafficker was doing more than just having lunch with politicians. He was being investigated for quite a bit of sex trafficking, and new documents show that he was taking girls who were as young as 11.

Epstein had some grand ideas about who he was and what he could do for the world. He wanted his legacy to live on in the wombs of hundreds of women. He had talked about the idea of impregnating dozens of women at a time.

It appears that Epstein was taking girls around the age of 11 and 12 on his private jet – some as recently as last year. The US marshals service was conducting a federal investigation regarding his international travel.

According to an air traffic controller, she saw Epstein disembarking his jet near the Virgin Islands with girls who appeared to be preteens. On another occasion, the girls were between 16 and 18 years old. Both incidents occurred between June and November 2018.

Epstein, a financier who was 66 years old, was being accused of trafficking dozens of young girls for sexual abuse. This all happened between his many estates – including a private Caribbean island, Palm Beach, Florida, and Manhattan.

In July of this year, he was arrested on conspiracy and sex trafficking charges. Prior to facing trial, he committed suicide in his jail cell. Although he pled not guilty to the sex trafficking allegations, there was a significant amount of mystery as to how he committed suicide considering he was on suicide watch.

Many question whether it was murder – which begs the question of whether he was alone when trafficking all of these young girls.

What happened over the past two years was not isolated. The allegations against Jeffrey Epstein have been taking place over 20 years. At one point, Epstein was facing federal child sex abuse allegations in Florida following a rigorous investigation.

He took a plea deal in 2008 where he plead guilty to charges of solicitation. He was able to avoid a number of major trafficking penalties.

His lawyers argue that after taking the plea deal, all abuse ended. Following what happened in Florida, he had to join the sex offender registry.

He wasn’t supposed to have any contact with children. He also wasn’t supposed to fly out of the country without reporting it to authorities.

This is why it was such a big deal that the US Marshals service learned from an air traffic controller that he was traveling with girls. He was in violation of his sex offender registration, flying to the US Virgin Islands as well as being amidst preteens.

A full investigation showed that he also traveled to several other places using his private jet – Monaco, France, Morocco, and Austria. He failed to tell officials of several places he was visiting and often provided short notice.

Following the Epstein suicide, the Marshals investigation ended. Federal investigators are still working to find out who his co-conspirators were, and these are ones who may have organized the travel for the girls as well as engaging in abuse.

With the question still surrounding whether Epstein was working alone or not, it also questions whether Epstein did, in fact, commit suicide or if he was murdered to ensure that he didn’t release the names of his co-conspirators.

Sex trafficking continues to be a major problem throughout the United States and the rest of the world. Additionally, it’s not uncommon for sex traffickers to target girls who are only 10, 11, and 12 years old.

For Jeffrey Epstein, a financier and someone who was heavily involved in the political world to be accused and found guilty of sex trafficking leads to the unthinkable – politicians are involved in sex trafficking.

It was clear that Epstein was not following the law in regards to reporting his travel plans. It was also clear that he had relations with many girls under the age of 18 – though it is not clear how he was able to convince the girls to travel with him – or who even organized it.

With Epstein dead, it’s easy to be able to put all of it in the past – but with the possibility of co-conspirators, some who may be politicians, lingering in the shadows, it questions whether the case is truly closed and whether the parents of the preteens are going to get the justice that they demand.