GOP Leaders in Maryland are Investigating Succession and Joining West Virginia

By BestStockFoto
By BestStockFoto

Here is an interesting story for those who are fed up with the left-leaning liberals. It seems that some GOP state legislators in the state of Maryland have requested permission for the counties to secede from the state and join with their neighbor, West Virginia. They have stated that it would be beneficial for both states and for the local constituencies.

There were letters delivered from conservative Maryland’s House of Delegates and state Senate and they were addressed to West Virginia Speaker Roger Hanshaw and Senate President Craig Blair.

The Maryland representatives hailed from Garrett, Allegany, and Washington counties, which are all in western Maryland. They asked the leadership in West Virginia to consider adding them as constituent counties to the State of West Virginia.

“We believe this arrangement may be mutually beneficial for both states and for our local constituencies. Please advise on next steps,” the letters said.

Maryland Delegate William Wivell and Delegate Mike McKay sent the letters on October 5th. And later, the same letters were sent on October 14 by Senator George Edwards, Del. Wendell Beitzel, and Del. Jason Buckel.

These are counties that voted heavily for former President Trump in 2020. Trump won 77% of the vote in Garrett County, 68.5% in Allegany County, and 59% in Washington County. But President Biden won the state as a whole with 65% of the vote.

“The counties are represented in Congress by Rep. David Trone (D) after a Democratic-engineered gerrymander in the 2010 redistricting cycle drew then-Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (R) out of what had long been a Republican-held seat,” according to The Hill.

Delegate Buckel is the minority leader of Maryland’s House of Delegates. He has continually said that much of the state is out of touch with his constituents.

“Some of the stuff they come up with is pretty darn far left and it seems pretty far out of step with the communities in Maryland. I’m happy to be the leader of the group that will push back against that,” he said when he first became a minority leader.

Delegate Mike McKay said that the counties could eventually be asked to vote on whether they would support the decision with a non-binding referendum in 2022. McKay noted that you have to “knock on the door” and see if people are willing to answer before you can really discuss how it might all work out, in reference to the letters sent to West Virginia.

In the past, residents of Maryland asked about leaving the state and forming a new one. There has been long-term controversy in the state over issues like fracking, guns, and taxes.

Delegate Wivell indicated that people had come to him asking about succession or forming their own state. But he just doesn’t think it is feasible to form their own state of “Western Maryland.

Delegate Neil Parrott did not sign the letters, but he agrees with the idea of breaking away from the state. He noted that as Republican Governor Larry Hogan’s term expires, there has been a return in the General Assembly to a war on rural Maryland. He said the leadership is just not listening, and they’re not caring about the needs of Western Maryland.

There have been an increasing amount of discussions on a national level in various parts of the country on issues like Maryland is facing. Oregon and California have discussed breaking off and joining or forming other states. But the efforts have all stalled out.

The counties in Maryland would need the Maryland General Assembly and Congress to all sign off on the plan of succession.