The Democrats are sucking the freedoms and hope from people all across the country. They desire to lock people in their homes so the people cannot destroy the environment and live their own lives. The Democrats are all about control. They strive on forcing people to live on liberal handouts through big government and unnecessary rules and laws. The coronavirus has given them the perfect chance to hide behind to push their controlling agendas on people.

Ralph Northam is the liberal Governor in Virginia and his policies are strangling the freedoms that every American is guaranteed to have through the Constitution. The pandemic closures are being extended in just about every liberal state because they want to control people. And the Democrats are now focusing on parts of the closures to put further pressure on the people. Northam has now made it a requirement for people in public indoor spaces to wear facial masks. It is like the Democrats are trying to slowly turn America into an Islamic based nation.

Northam demands that people cover their faces in public space indoors to keep from breathing on each other. He believes that the end of the world is the coronavirus. In states that are Republican-run, the virus has all but vanished. There have been no areas that have spiked as a result of letting people live their lives again. His push to cover the faces of people mandates that everyone has to wear a mask. If a person has no mask, then they cannot come into restaurants, government places, or even public transportation. Northam must not eat out much because it is impossible to eat out and wear a mask. He does not think through his laws before putting them out.

Northam babbled on when he said, “I am taking this step because science increasingly shows us that the virus spreads less easily when everyone is wearing face coverings.” Science does not have the answer to everything. It has gotten the numbers wrong on multiple occasions. But Northam is a person that believes science will save everyone. But, science is the reason why the world has seen a pandemic in the first place. China was working on scientific research on the virus when it got out.

Like a terrible Democrat that he is Northam also violated his own rule by showing up a beach without having a mask on. And he certainly did not practice the social distancing that he is required to do. He, and others like him, feel that they do not have to obey the rules and laws that are placed on everyone else. He excused himself by saying “I was not prepared because my mask was in the car.”

He stated that “Some well-wishers came up to me and asked to take pictures. I take full responsibility for that.” His high-profile answer certainly was a polished response. He lied saying “In the future when I’m out in the public, I will be better prepared. We’re all forming new habits and routines and we’re all adjusting to this new normal.” The Democrats believe that pandemic routine is the new normal. They will be the only ones wearing masks because this is not the new normal. People are not afraid like the Democrats are.

People were not obedient simply because Northam said so. They were following the rules because they are adults and not silly Democrats trying to make a statement. Northam proved this point when he said “Virginia Beach performed well this weekend. People were social distancing and following the rules. Virginia Beach can be a model for the rest of our country.”

As the state opens, the people are going to remember what he tried to do to them. The insane gun laws will come back and people are going to demand their freedoms back. The Democrat’s reign in America is all but finished. They are demonstrated that they have turned their backs on the American people. And Americans are sick of their posturing to the point that revolution is a possibility.