From the old (Bernie Sanders) to the young (David Hogg), gun control supporters continue to prove a complete lack of understanding and knowledge about guns and gun control. The latest example of that came by way of one of the youngest faces of the anti-gun and gun control groups and is another example of the ignorance driving these movements.

It is not difficult to throw our young activist, Mr. Hogg, under the bus; he is but nineteen-years-old, and Twitter already made sure to do that as one story reported. To bring you up to speed, this was the tweet from Hogg that set off the firestorm of responses.

“Buying an AR-15 shouldn’t be easier than voting.”

That was it. One simple albeit misguided and ignorant statement, it was short and sweet. Then came the tidal wave of responses that were probably too harsh but a few of them sounded something like this, starting with the direct and blunt:

“It’s not. Try it sometime.”

To the more elaborate and detailed but still direct responses like:

“It’s not, but it absolutely should be
This is the 2nd Amendment we’re talking about here
No law-abiding American should be priced out of exercising their constitutional right to keep and bear arms”

To the educational although sassy:

“Do you have to fill out 4473, give the FFL dealer your drivers license, and have a background check down in order to vote every year?”

And there were plenty more. As we said earlier, however, it isn’t easy to throw such a young man onto the railroad tracks, although some may have wanted to. There must be this mounting aggravation from gun rights activists and supporters over the continued assault of ignorance. At least with someone who can still smell the fresh ink used to print their high school diploma, we can forgive uninformed youth. The leaders of pro-gun control legislation, however, who use the tragedies of young men like Mr. Hogg for their agendas, that is another story altogether.

These are people like Sanders, McCarthy, Biden, and Pelosi, leaders who shouldn’t be ignorant of the facts. Leaders who support legislation that does nothing to curb gun violence while putting an undue burden on sellers, gun owners, and voters. That’s right, for every bill, every hour in session and every piece of gun control legislation written is another penny, nickel, dollar out of our pockets.

Our young Mr. Hogg suffered an ordeal none of us should ever have to encounter and endure. While this young man may be resilient and brave to have suffered such trauma only to face his fears, he isn’t a gun control expert. He isn’t an authority on gun violence and he doesn’t have, apparently, a very strong grasp on gun control laws.

The real culprit in this story and there is one (or many), would be the people who are standing behind Mr. Hogg and giving him a platform. This is first and foremost, a blatant act of using the horror and tragedy of gun violence to promote political agendas. It is secondly, another act of ignorance that has come to define this anti-gun movement.

There is also a very unnerving irony in the story as well because the very laws our young puppet is being used to promote, are the same laws that make us less safe and more vulnerable. These are the steps towards rendering the 2nd Amendment as nothing more than a nice sentiment as we all tote our pellet guns in locked cabinets inside our pickup trucks!

It could be that ignorance that has allowed anti-gun activists and pro-gun control supporters to get so far. Perhaps we never took them seriously enough because of their obvious lack of knowledge and understanding about –  well, everything? Our hearts and our best wishes go out to victims of gun violence, like David Hogg, but our minds and our reason must not be swayed. We can no longer allow the ignorance of this movement to go unanswered. For the sake of our rights, for the safety and good of everyone, for people just like our young Mr. Hogg.

Don’t let their ignorance fool you, donkeys may not be smart but their kick can kill you.