Hunter Biden, Still Sleeping with China, Gets Tucked in by President Dad

Is it a conflict of interest that President Biden’s son is in bed with the Chinese government? Absolutely. Yet, that doesn’t seem to stop Hunter Biden from cashing in as often as he can.

When relations with China are tense, it would be a good idea to keep close relations out of the equation.

During the entire time that Joe Biden battled for the presidency in 2020, he swore that his son, Hunter Biden, was not doing business with China. The liberal media jumped on the accusations to call it “propaganda.” Everyone was supposed to take Biden at his word and assume that Hunter Biden wasn’t the shady businessman that we all believed him to be.

Surprise, Joe Biden lied. And, so did Hunter Biden.

There are public records within the U.S. government to show that firms associated with Hunter Biden were partnered with agencies owned by the Communist China government.

Many of these business deals have been a threat to national security – and will be again if they continue to happen. This includes Hunter Biden helping China with the purchase of Henniges, the manufacturer of stealth technology as used in F-35 fighter jets. Oh, and that purchase required executive branch sign-off.

When Joe Biden was simply a presidential candidate, it was easy for the Biden family to laugh it all off. After all, Hunter Biden’s business deals have nothing to do with his father.

Are we really supposed to believe this? Are we supposed to give Hunter Biden a free pass for all of his business dealings with China?

Any time a person is given a security clearance, their entire family is investigated. It’s to ensure that there’s nothing funny going on. So, it is absolutely a concern that the President of the United States is continuing to coddle his son – the same son that is conducting deals that could be a threat to national security.

Once Joe Biden won the primaries, he knew that he had to get serious. He made the comment that “My son, my family will not be involved in any business, any enterprise that is in conflict with or appears to be in conflict with where there’s appropriate distance from the presidency and government.”

Wheew. It’s a good thing that he cleared that up. We wouldn’t want to find out that the president or his family would be in business with anything where there could be a conflict.

The problem is that Biden lied…again.

It didn’t take long for the Wall Street Journal to learn that as of December 2020, Hunter Biden was still a partial owner of Bohai Harvest Rosemont, a private equity firm in China.

Again, in January 2021, he was still being identified as a part-owner – and the majority of that firm is owned by the Chinese government.

This is cause for concern. China is not an American ally, yet the president’s son is continuously jumping into bed with them.

Joe Biden will do anything and everything to protect his son. He is a father, and he has a history of jumping to his defense in the past. This is an absolute conflict of interest, and the Biden administration continues to deny the connections.

Jen Psaki, the Press Secretary, makes it a habit of deflecting and deflecting, trying to remind that Hunter Biden is a “private citizen.” Is he, though? Private citizens aren’t entitled to Secret Service Protection. Private citizens aren’t woven into promises by the president that family members aren’t involved in anything that could be a threat to national security.

The problem with the Biden administration is that they lie. They continuously lie and try to cover it up, thinking that the American people don’t need to know the truth.

However, every time Hunter jumps into bed with China and dad pulls the sheets over America’s eyes, it’s a threat to national security.