Shouts of joy are being heard from the detention centers at the southern border. The terrorist organization known as the Democratic Party has been banned from any more visits to the centers. The Department of Homeland Security has stated that the last group to come was way too disruptive and posed a major security risk. DHS has just kept public enemy number one out of the centers for the security of the centers and the country.

Crazy Cummings is not at all pleased with this development. So as anyone can imagine he and the other devilish Democrats are crying about the situation. Once again this shows that the Democrats believe they can just act any way they want to and do anything they want to do without consequences. Their behavior was unprofessional, rude and highly disruptive. They needed to be banned from ever returning to the centers.

Cry baby Cummings wrote a statement that says “I am writing to express my deep concern that the Department of Homeland Security decided to block Committee staff from conducting visits to 11 detention facilities just days after previous staff inspections revealed potentially serious ongoing problems with the treatment of children and adults in DHS custody — including blocking visits to sites where the Inspector General warned about an ‘immediate risk to the health and safety of DHS agents and officers, and to those detained.” Cummings is trying to make it sound like the DHS has something to hide. When a major political party wants to see problems instead of normal operations they will and can cause a lot of issues.

Cummings believes he is seeing a coverup, and he does not like it. The only coverup that is taking place is making sure the childish Democrats never return. There is no reason why the Democrats should be spending taxpayer money to travel thousands of miles to create trouble. They are just trying to make a political statement out of something that just does not exist.

Cummings is painting a liars’ portrait as he tries to convince people that his party acted respectfully. But agency leaders and Republicans pointed out that Democrats skipped out on tours, being rude to officers, they interfered with normal operations and even refused to leave once their tour window was over. It is time to allow officers to arrest lawmakers for this type of behavior towards them. No general citizen would have ever been allowed to get away with such behavior.

Cummings is acting like any child would when accused of bad behavior. A child denies their bad actions instead of owning up to the behavior. A Democrat will never admit they are wrong. They will cry that it is everyone else’s fault why they act the way they do. The entire Democratic Party has become a platform of jokers that cannot do their job seriously. There was a day a long time ago when some kind of bipartisan effort was possible but not anymore.

It was a happy day at all detention centers when the DHS banned the Democrats from coming back. The border agents cheered for joy and migrant people were relieved to know that their oppressors were kicked out of the building.  Even before the tours began some border agents were told that by the Democrats that they do not intend on following the rules. They purposefully caused trouble at the border.

What is even worse yet is that there is proof that special interest groups conditioned the Democrats on what to look for and what to say to the border agents. This proves once and for all that every Democrat has been bought off by large special interest groups seeking to make extra money at the expense of lawmakers. The Democrats should be ashamed of their behavior. But when a child has been bad they are more proud of the bad behavior than doing what is right.

The Democrats have acted shamefully and need to be punished for their childish actions. All accused lawmakers should resign. They are not fit to represent the people of the United States in their current position. Make room for people that love America and care for the people that call it home.