Leave it to the wacky people to start terrorizing the heroes of the United States border patrol and ICE when they do their job. One activist took it upon himself to attack and try to destroy an ICE facility.

Willem Van Spronsen is a member of Antifa, and he came armed with weapons and incendiary devices to try to blow up and kill ICE agents. Law enforcement agents had to shoot the suspect because he was not listening to commands to surrender.

Instead, Spronsen decided to move forward only to meet his demise as law enforcement officers had to act.

Antifa is as crazy as the AOC and just as deadly. Spronsen is a class act loony that would rather see America burn than continue to grow and support those around the world.

Antifa is an anti-American organization that shows up at rallies to cause trouble. The members of this rogue group need to be caught and prosecuted for the attacks on the ICE center.

Antifa members are crazy and loony just like the terrorist bombers of the east. They do not care enough about themselves let alone life, in general, to be rational enough to speak to people. They would rather just kill everyone.

Spronsen is a representative and example of every Antifa member. This terrorist showed up at the facility and started fire-bombing the center and even tried to get tanks and other vehicles to catch on fire.

This man attacked his own countryman because he is loony. Antifa actually believes he is a martyr for their cause. The heroes of American law enforcement need to put Antifa out of business before they can cause any more hurt and death to American citizens.

Antifa is nothing more than a rogue enemy of the United States that is cowardly enough to hide within the countries borders. They hate everything about America but are too afraid to go and find another place to call home base in order to launch their terror movements.

They cry out we hate America but as citizens, we enjoy the freedoms that are abundant. Two-faced hypocrites are what they are. Saying one thing and doing another.

If Antifa members hate it so bad in the United States, then they are free to leave and go to a place where they can live in happiness.

Washington police are the true heroes in this matter, not the tiny terrorist coward that tried to kill innocent people. The crazy loony used fire to burn vehicles and kept throwing objects at police officers.

There was nothing sane about this man’s actions. The crazy man just went off the deep end and wanted to confront law enforcement for some crazy political action against America.

This attack comes just weeks after the terrorist Ocasio-Cortez said that American’s were running concentration camps at the border. Its time for wormy Cortez to be arrested for inciting an attack against Americans.

The AOC seems to be the mastermind behind Antifa as their political agenda goes hand in hand with each other. Cortez and band of crazy women cry out in anger and hatred against most Americans and law enforcement officials.

All four of the AOC members need to investigated and tried for attempted murder right along with every Antifa loony.

Antifa has not remained silent until now. They have assaulted people around the nation for their personal beliefs. The crazy organization has been branded as a domestic terror organization.

The people are crazy and need to be locked away in detention centers designed for crazy people.

The law enforcement of Tacoma, Washington did America a favor when they took down an Antifa member. These people are an enemy of the nation, and they need to treated as a foreign invasion force.

Maybe it’s time to let Americans defend themselves from these crazy people. It is time to allow open and carry of firearms across America to keep these crazy Antifa people from ever hurting another soul. Again.

They are a hateful group of people that do not deserve to be called Americans.