Ilhan Omar is a House Dem who has been caught in more lies than any politician should ever get caught in. She’s made up stories and told them to high school students simply to spread her own personal agenda.

She tweets constantly, attacking Trump, House Republicans, and even her fellow Dems who have a more moderate leaning than she does.

Now, however, she’s upset because there’s someone better at the Twitter game than she is – Donald Trump.

Trump shared a tweet that said Omar was partying on the anniversary of the terrorist 9/11 attacks. Whether it’s true or not, it was a shared tweet.

The thing about social media is that it doesn’t have to be true. There’s a thing called freedom of speech, and it’s something that Omar practices regularly when she shares blatant lies about Trump, border conditions, and all sorts of other things.

With a tweet aimed directly at her, though, she finds it to be unacceptable. In fact, it’s so unacceptable according to the entitled snowflake that she wants Twitter to take it down.

There’s something messed up with the political hierarchy here. A freshman Representative can lie and tweet but the President of the United States cannot share tweets? She’s shown that she truly is entitled – and clearly has no bounds as to what she’ll do in order to enjoy a triumph.

She is the epitome of a media whore, making up any excuse whatsoever to tweet out to people and get people riled up over something.

Ilhan Omar has even told various news outlets that she can’t figure out why his account is not fully suspended. She can’t figure out why the president of the United States has a working Twitter account? Really?

She argues that Twitter has set community standards and that he has violated them on multiple occasions. However, community standards are about hate speech, violence, and threatening harm.

If anyone has violated community standards it would be Omar – and a quick glance through some of her most recent tweets would prove that easily.

Omar has been having her staff contact Twitter regarding the post about how American Muslims have celebrated the September 11 attacks.

Trump shared a tweet from Terrence Williams, a conservative comedian, and actor. It claimed Omar was dancing on the anniversary of 9/11. Trump shared the tweet with a caption that said “The new face of the Democrat Party!”

Twitter confirmed that Williams took his post down. However, if it’s shared, they can’t really do anything about that.

Even if Trump were to remove his tweet, there are likely hundreds if not thousands of others who have shared it – or who have a similar stance on Omar and how she really feels about America.

She claims that her life is in danger and she is getting threats over the tweet. She wants to blame Trump for this when he’s not even the one who created the original post.

Imagine if Trump went to such extremes every time Ilhan Omar posted about him. She is an arrogant Democrat who doesn’t believe that the rules apply to her. She’s so quick to point the finger when someone does her wrong but doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with it when she does the same thing.

How many times has Omar cursed on Twitter, called Trump names, and asked people to bash him?

The number of tweets that she has sent that is completely inappropriate for someone in the House of Representatives is too many to count – yet she gets upset when Trump shares a tweet.

If Omar is going to continue to play these games, she needs to grow a thicker skin. She can’t play one game and not expect Trump to play the same game. It’s not fair and she’s acting like a toddler with her little antics. There’s a thing called freedom of speech that she needs to familiarize herself with. Whether she was dancing at a Black Caucus event or on the eve of September 11, there’s a video capturing her dancing. Further, if she is going to continue to support American Muslims, she has to be prepared for the fact that some people are going to see her as one of the terrorists because they share the same religion. If she can’t understand that, she might need to reevaluate her position as someone who is supposed to be the voice of her community.

Twitter has no plans to close the President’s account, so Omar should give her aides something better to do.