Ilhan Omar is a Democratic Representative who has become a thorn in the side of most of the Democratic Party as she is a member of “The Squad.” She has been known to lie to high school students for her own agenda. She swears on Twitter. She calls Trump out for no good reason. And now, she’s refusing to recognize the Armenian genocide.

Omar decided that she would vote “present” instead of supporting a congressional resolution that would recognize the Armenian genocide. She doesn’t want to recognize the Armenian genocide. Instead, she wants to condemn the manslaughter of hundreds of millions of indigenous people along with the “transatlantic slave trade.”

Omar does a lot of things that make people want to stop and scratch their heads. During a House hearing regarding Trump’s Muslim ban, Omar decides to grill witnesses.

Additionally, she has suggested that the century-old mass killings of Armenians by the Turks may not have even taken place. She doesn’t want to see accountability and recognition of genocide be used as a tool within a political fight. Instead, she wants to focus on academic consensus without the push and pull of geographic-based politics.

A number of accusations came her way, even from her own party. Many thought she was communicating a bigoted message. She has called for a boycott in the past over alleged is really human-rights abuses. She has also described the September 11 terrorist attacks in an unusual way, identifying them as “some people did something.” She also feels as though Israel has hypnotized the rest of the world.

Although Omar’s office sent a statement to CNN as a way to explain her vote, it doesn’t do any real good. There shouldn’t be any need for a statement to be sent in order to explain why she would say “present” instead of recognizing the Armenian genocide. Her statement says that she believes accountability for human rights violations is “paramount.” Many have said that the United States has already maintained accountability for any violations.

Omar continues to make anti-somatic remarks.

Zaid Jilani, a political analyst, notes that Omar’s claim is wrong. The United States has condemned both the slave trade and the treatment of Native Americans. Since that condemnation has already come, what more does Omar want? As Jilani explains, it is okay to ask the US government to acknowledge human rights abuses here in our own country prior to acknowledging them overseas. The problem is that the United States government has already acknowledged the ones that Omar once acknowledged. However, she refuses to acknowledge the Armenian genocide – and that’s the bigger problem.

Jilani calls Ilhan Omar’s explanation “hollow.” Congress has passed a variety of resolutions that condemn abuses against slavery and Native Americans. However, it has never passed a resolution that condemns the Armenian genocide. Other political analysts and scientists say that her explanation doesn’t get the job done, either.

A former George W. Bush administration official, Christian Vanderbrouk, says that it’s not right for Omar to be willing to boycott for one thing and not the other. It’s okay to boycott and sanction as real but not Armenian genocide?

Alan Cole, a senior GOP economist even questions with a tweet of “All lives matter?”

Others continue to ask why Omar would say that there is no academic consensus that the Armenian genocide took place. This falls into that same line of people wondering if the Holocaust actually took place or if 9/11 took place. It is clear that there are basic facts regarding the genocide – so the fact that this US representative would simply vote “present” raises more questions than ever. Her explanations simply don’t cut it, and no one is ready to simply let it go.

Historians couldn’t wait to weigh in on the whole Armenian genocide topic, either. They have estimated approximately 1.5 million Armenians were killed during the era of World War I. Plenty of scholars see it as the first genocide of the 20th century. Turkey, of course, disputes the description. They claim that the death toll is inflated and considers that many of the victims were of a civil war as opposed to genocide.

The nonbinding resolution passed 405 – 11 on Tuesday. However, it still doesn’t answer exactly what Ilhan Omar was thinking with her vote. Is she mad about the slaves? Is she in cahoots with Turkey? Does she not believe that the Armenian genocide really happen? Does she simply want to piss off the Democratic Party by being different with her votes? Since she’s not really answering anyone’s questions sufficiently, we may never know.