The foreign minister of Iran finally uttered the “W” word as one story reports over the attack of Saudi oil fields. Even for those who don’t keep close tabs on world news, everyone has likely heard about the incident that occurred last week in Saudi Arabia.

That was when an oil field that happened to be the world’s largest crude oil refinery was attacked. Although one particular group who claims to support Iran took responsibility, Iran didn’t just deny any involvement but did so vehemently.

Most recently, in light of the whispers and voices pointing at Iran, foreign minister Zarif spoke out – loudly! One story covering this event cited Zarif’s reactions (and some may say threats).

According to the story, Iran’s foreign minister said that they “won’t blink” if Saudi or the U.S. choose to take military action and that it would lead to an “all-out war.” Before addressing that statement and the President’s response, we have to first ask if Zarif is being serious or just trying to talk tough.

Because based on common-sense, if he is serious this either means that the foreign minister is a mad man or is like one of you who we mentioned earlier and just doesn’t keep tabs on the news.

Maybe he is completely unaware of how we decimated Iraq who at that time, had the world’s 4th largest army a few short decades ago? Maybe he simply doesn’t have any knowledge of the capability, strength, and technology of our military forces today? Because if he is serious…

The President appears to be handling this as though Zarif is just talking big but others in the Administration are taking it more seriously. As our aforementioned story reports, “U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has described the weekend strike that initially halved Saudi oil output as an act of war and has been discussing possible retaliation with Saudi Arabia and other Gulf allies.”

Our President, however, the same one who many questioned on his ability to lead during conflict has shown great wisdom. Contrary to the belief of many, the U.S never attacked Iraq over the issue of money, goods or materials.

A country was invaded, Iraq’s own were being mistreated and there were concerns over the world’s safety. If this “group” that attacked the oil field in Saudi had instead bombed or destroyed a city, there would be a different reaction.

The United States has never been involved in a war on the grounds of money, material or even oil. So don’t expect President Trump to bite on Zarif’s empty threats. Instead, the President approached the situation as great leaders do, with a peaceful resolution in mind.

From the President’s vantage point the story said, “Trump on Wednesday struck a cautious note, saying there were many options short of war with Iran… .” The President has already turned up the pressure too as he recently ordered that new and tougher sanctions be imposed on Iran. Trump isn’t taking this lightly but he is acting Presidentially.

Of course, that is good news for everyone but maybe more so for no one more than Iran’s foreign minister Zarif and the people of the middle east. Imagine what would happen if a hot-headed quick-triggered person was leading the country.

How many of our sons and daughters, moms and dads would be put in harm’s way if we reacted with force to these threats and these actions? Not on President Trump’s watch.

Will Saudi Arabia strike back? Perhaps, but that may have a lot to do with how much support they receive from the U.S. That is still among the many questions to be answered but don’t buy into the rumors of “war” or as foreign minister Zarif called it, “all-out war!”

Big words from a small man who is waving a handgun at the most powerful nation on the planet. Lucky for him, we are smart too. Lucky for us we also have a President who knows how to deal with thugs.

Yes, it happened and Iran uttered the scary “W’ word war, then President Trump responded the way most smart people would when dealing with thugs… barely.