Joy Behar Claims White People Were the Experiment for COVID Vaccine…and, Then, Says the Unthinkable

By s_bukley

How is it that Joy Behar or any of the other women from “The View” still have a job? The things that come out of their mouths are some of the most insulting and heinous things…yet they can say anything and be adored by liberals around the country.

The topic of the COVID vaccine came up on a recent episode.

That’s when Behar decided that she, an older white woman, was going to try to make friends with black people everywhere. She cited that many black people had concerns about getting the COVID vaccine because of the Tuskegee Experiments that happened decades ago.

Unfortunately, in U.S. history, black people were often used in experiments to determine if a vaccine (or any form of medication) was considered safe and effective.

Goldberg started the conversation by asking about whether the new scare tactic approach being used by the Biden administration would be more effective.

Co-host Sara Haines talks about how vaccine-hesitant people are more likely to respond to the latest ads from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services because they use real people who have gotten really sick from COVID. She compares it to the PSAs about smoking and drugs that have always been effective.

Sunny Hostin talks about the scare tactics used in the 1980s with the egg in the frying pan of “this is your brain, this is your brain on drugs.” It was effective. She points out that “fear works, unfortunately.”

Behar shares, in all of her infinite wisdom that the African American community has been burned in the past. She says, “I don’t blame that community for being skittish about it, but I say that so many white people have gotten it now, you know, the experiment has been done on white people now.”

Holy crap…does she have any idea of what she just said? Of course not, but we’ll break it down a bit in the hopes that she sees what an epic mistake she has made.

First of all, if she was hoping to convince everyone to get vaccinated, she just alienated every white person in America. She claims that the white people have been the experiment. So, if you’ve already gotten the vaccine, just remember – you were experimented on. And, if you were thinking about getting it, you probably just canceled your appointment.

No one wants to feel as though they’re the test subject. And, when you really think about it, she’s not sensible in her approach.

That brings us to our second point. One of the reasons why the vaccine was rushed was because COVID-19 was disproportionately impacting people of color. So, as soon as the vaccine came out, it was made available to Black people as well as those who had underlying health conditions. Some of the first people to get the vaccines were Black…and that means that they could, by Behar’s own admission, be the experiments.

Behar talks about how some people aren’t getting vaccinated because they’re afraid of the vaccine. No kidding. Did she just learn this? Of course, people are afraid of it – it hasn’t been sufficiently tested and we still don’t know the long-term effects caused by the vaccine. That, and we’ve all likely known someone who had some adverse (or fatal) reactions to the shot.

She goes on to say that now, with the new PSAs, people are going to be afraid of not getting the vaccine.

“The question is, which fear will win?”

They all go on to agree that fear is capable of making a person decide one way or another. However, if Behar thought she was going to scare people into getting vaccinated, she did just the opposite. We were already scared of the potential side effects. Now that we know that we were the experiment, too? Yeah, we’re just going to walk away slowly…