The California Democrats are scrambling to find ways to appear caring and benevolent as the year moves forward. For several months they have mishandled the affairs of the state, the threat of wildfires and the homeless problem that plagues every major city.

Their recent decision to appear caring is seen in their vote to allow the homeless in Los Angeles to keep their tents up during the day because of the virus.

The gesture to allow them to keep their tents constructed is just another false front that they are putting forward to appear to the loving. They do not care about the homeless. They would like to see the problem pushed onto another region.

Mike Bonin is a Councilman on the city council and his disdain for the homeless comes out as he says, “The only thing that is worse than having lots of people living in encampments is throwing them out of encampments and making them more vulnerable.” He sees the homeless as a horrible problem is his city. But there is little action from him to help solve the problem.

The spread of the virus will hit everyone at some point. The matter will be how hard it will hit vulnerable areas. The city had been making the homeless take down their tents by 6 a.m. and not allowing them to be put back up until 9 a.m. They now can keep their tents up 24 hours a day.

The idea behind the stupid vote is to allow them to have some kind of protection from the virus. In a way, they are promoting false hope as the homeless do not have access to the things needed to help keep their hands clean.

Mike Bonin and his other compassion lacking council members also decided it would be a good idea to put handwashing stations near the homeless camps. They are also going to be placing bathrooms around the areas and allow them to have access to weekly showers. The city should have been doing these basic measures long before a virus came knocking on the door.

The Democrats would rather harass the homeless than help them. They already make them move around and beg for help. Now they are starting to confiscate their belongings if what they have exceeded the 60-gallon mark.

Councilman Joe Buscaino is more concerned about the trash than the people without homes. He states that “There are tons of trash in and around different parts of the city of Los Angeles that I am very concerned about. That is adding to filth and disease.”

The filth and the disease are a result of people not having access to facilities to clean themselves. Right now, 36,000 people are living on the streets. There is an additional 27,000 living outside of shelters.

That is a lot of people. Individuals that need help, and they need places that they can go to try to at least get a fresh start in life. But the Democrats have made it hard for them to do things to make their lives better.

Bob Blumenfield believes that “Someone sheltering in place in an encampment is a recipe for the entire encampment to come down with the virus.” That may or may not happen.

A lot of what the Democrats propose is laced with speculation and falsehoods. There is no doubt that the homeless are going to suffer as a result of the virus. The Democrats have had months to work on the plans of eliminating the homeless epidemic. They have done nothing because they do not care.

The Democrats would rather push their problem on to the general public rather than handle it themselves. Some are wanting to make them stay in hotel rooms. The businesses are going to be the ones suffering from the damages and the losses from such an act.

Others want to test and quarantine any homeless that test positive in vehicles designed for them to live in. The Democrats have dropped the ball and are neglecting the homeless. Their careless attempts to change the bad image they have will only make things worse for them.