Liberals Continue to Violently Take to the Streets to Exercise Their Hatred for Law and Order

Liberals and their violent buddies continue their rampage across the streets of American cities. They attack private citizens and overrun businesses while chanting about how unfair life is for them. And yet will all of the violence, there is not one Democrat that condemns their behavior because they are focused on an act of so-called violence that hit the Capitol Building weeks ago.

This time around, the violent mob gathered around a vaccine administration site and forced them to close for safety reasons. Cars were lined up and moving through the line when a group of protestors blocked traffic and told residents that they were not getting their vaccines today.

These nasty protestors blocked people from getting a vaccine that they had to wait and sign up for. One person stated that he had traveled 30 miles to sit in line for his shot. For some reason, these scared people are getting a shot for a virus that has a quarter of a percent death rate. But this driver had waited an hour and had to wait another hour because of the protestors.

The protestors took the streets to rob people of their right to get something they decided was best for themselves. They stated that the vaccine was harmful, and no one should be getting the vaccine.

These so-called protestors were trying to take away the right to choose for each person in line. There are side effects from the vaccine, but there are side effects with every drug. And for many of the drugs on the market, death is an unfortunate side effect. But it is not up to the mob to rob people of their right to try it out for themselves.

Liberals are already trying to mandate things on the other end of choosing. Austin Beutner, the superintendent of schools in Los Angeles County, took away the choice for people who did not want to get it. He stated that schools could reopen until all the teachers had gotten the shot. They have to choose between work and a shot they do not want.

Beutner also stated that students needed to get it. And it would be “no different than students who are vaccinated for measles or mumps.” There is a significant difference between regular vaccines and the COVID-19. Parents can choose not to vaccinate their kids and still send them to school. The COVD-19 shot takes away that choice.

There is no difference between liberals blocking the way for people wanting the vaccine and the people who force it on people who do not want to get the vaccine. Then there are the teachers that just refuse to work. And they cannot be fired because of the union, so the schools stay closed. Liberals continue to take away the right to choose from everyone.

The anti-shot crowd would claim that vaccines cause things such as Autism and other mental illnesses. Such claims have been taken to court with effective results.

The protestors might have a point if they had science to back up their claims. But even if they were 100 percent correct, they do not have the right to block traffic and force people to delay their lives because they happen to disagree with them. A legal protest is one that stands on the corner and remains peaceful.

Liberals have been using COVID-19 to force people to do things that they do not want to do. Lockdowns and shutdowns have been the way of life for over a year in liberals states. Their do-called loving leaders claim that it is the only way to stop the virus.

But Ron DeSantis of Florida has a better way. He opened the state and let things get back to normal. People can move about freely, and businesses are not in bankruptcy. And what is truly remarkable is that the state has a lower mortality rate than New York and fewer infections than other liberal states still living in lockdown.

It is clear that the Democrats do not know what they are doing with regards to COVID-19. It is clear that they do not know how to protest. But they certainly have a way of making a mess of things.